205 Live results: June 18, 2021: Jiro overcomes Nese in edge-of-your-seat melee


Grayson Waller def. Asher Hale

In a clash that was definitely not without talk of mid-match trash, Grayson Waller improved the score to 2-0 on the purple brand, inflicting a second straight defeat to Asher Hale.

Hale staggered his larger opponent as the fight spilled over into the ring, kicking Waller with a flying knee from his apron and sending him to the floor.

Waller nevertheless recovered in time to throw Hale neck-first onto the top rope before landing a stunning blow for 1-2-3.

Waller applauded Hale and held out his hand for a handshake after the fight. However, when Hale tried to agree, Waller jerked his hand away, quickly left, and danced back up the gangplank.

Ikemen Jiro def. Tony Nese

During a backstage showdown between August Gray and Aria Daivari earlier that day, the Persian Lion pledged to help himself watch his teammate’s fight ring. However, Gray seemed to be tempted to watch from behind the scenes as he wondered aloud if Daivari thought Tony Nese could defeat Ikemen Jiro alone, setting the stage for a real one-on-one battle.

The prime minister made no attempt to hide his contempt for the eccentric Jiro by pinning him to the mat by the hair and mocking Jiro by wearing a jacket in the middle of the match.

Jiro, who was wearing his jacket again from ring to bell, fired back, stabbing with stiff hands, kicking in the jaw and detonating the bomb in two counts.

Nese seemed to be getting closer to victory after the hurricane over the top rope, but Jiro barely knocked out and remained undefeated on 205 Live after being hit by Ikemen Slash with a serious blow to the head.


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