205 Live results: March 19, 2021: Atlas topples Nese in heated collision


Ashante “You” Adonis def. Aria Daivari

In a match between arguably the two best talkers at 205 Live, Ashante “You” Adonis snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and stunned Aria Daivari.

The Persian Lion, who was defeated by August Gray last week and entered the match in an even worse mood than usual, took control as he grabbed his opponent’s hair with his fist and yanked him into a meeting before punching him in the knee.

A second later, Daivari drilled Adonis with a Hammerlock lariat only to thwart his own attempt at pins. Daivari followed the perfect frog splash from the top rope and casually covered his foe, but Adonis pinned him into a stalemate for 1-2-3!

Jake Atlas, def. Tony Nese

It was a tough night for the self-proclaimed 205 Live OG as Tony Nese joined his fellow Aria Daivari in the underdog after losing to Jake Atlas.

Nese seemed to have the upper hand as he brutally beat Atlas around the ring and gave him a belly-to-back suplex when they returned to the square circle, but Atlas went deep to knock the Premier athlete off with a brain buster.

Nese made a moonlit kick from the springboard in two counts and punched Atlas in the face, which turned out to be a costly mistake as an angry Atlas fought back with a flurry of right hands. Moments later, in order to gain victory, he hammered his enemy into the canvas with his Cartwheel DDT.


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