205 Live results: May 14, 2021: Nese edges Sterling in edge-of-your-seat melee


Asher Hale, def. Aria Daivari

Aria Daivari has made no secret of his bitter contempt for 205 Live’s rookies, and after what happened in his match against debuting Asher Hale, the Prince of Persia looks set to treat the rookies with even more contempt.

Dressed in a black waistcoat and wearing several tattoos, Hale hung with Daivari from bell to bell, though he remained reeling after receiving several batons and a Persian splash from Daivari Dinero.

However, the nine-year-old veteran and self-proclaimed “rebel” fought the pain and hit his enemy with an impressive set of suplexes and dodged Daivari’s attempt to kill the lariat with a hammer before counting him down to three!

Tony Nese def. Ari Sterling

Achieve one point in The 205 Live OG, as Tony Nese received compensation for Daivari’s defeat from Hale with a tough win over Ari Sterling, who was in his second match on 205 Live after beating Samir Singh last week.

Like seven days ago, Sterling took to the skies early and often, a strategy that bore fruit when he sent Nese to lurch to the canvas with hurricane force from the top rope and when he jumped from the moon onto the inside of the middle rope to flatten it. The main athlete at the ring.

Nese, however, derailed Sterling with his thumb to his eye, pressed his neck forward to the lower lanyard and struck him with a run of Nese to win.


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