205 Live results: May 21, 2021: Jiro and Grey edge Bollywood Boyz in edge-of-your-seat thriller


Ari Sterling, def. Asher Hale

If his first few weeks on the purple brand are any indication, Ari Sterling doesn’t seem to be going to dwell on the past.

Seven days after his first heavyweight defeat against former heavyweight champion Tony Nese, Sterling bounced back and re-entered the victorious circle at the expense of fellow rookie Asher Hale.

In a frenzied melee filled with dirty talk in both directions, Hale became the first superstar to dodge the inside-out lunar assault on Sterling, and then blew up his opponent with his knee running from his apron to the floor of the ring.

After spending some time on the defensive, Sterling struck Hale with a desperate kick from Pele and a brutal knee kick to the jaw, before pinning his opponent down, slamming his face into the canvas.

Ikemen Jiro and August Gray def. Bollywood boys

Not only has Ikemen Jiro 2-0 since arriving at 205 Live and teaming up with August Gray, but the eccentric rookie has yet to take off his jacket during competition.

In a match with The Bollywood Boyz, Giro hit the WWE Universe again with an arsenal that included a moon assault with a second rope, multiple scalding palm strikes, and a reverse hurricane from the top rope.

Jiro and Gray were in complete control of the situation until Samir Singh pushed his brother away from the assertive Gray, causing The Life of the Party to slam his shoulder into the support.

After getting a beating from The Bollywood Boyz, Gray finally lunged for the Jiro, who hit the ring like a fireball and won the victory for his team, blasting Sunil with an Ikemen kick, a brutal knee kick.


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