205 Live results: May 7, 2021: Ikemen Jiro dazzles in victorious purple brand debut


Ari Sterling, def. Samir Singh

Sixteen-year-old veteran Ari Sterling put on the show during his WWE debut, facing off against Samir Singh, one of the purple brand’s longest-lived products.

The self-proclaimed “reckless daredevil” Sterling immediately lived up to his nickname when he took a moon jump from inside the middle rope to climb over the top rope and flatten Samir on the ring floor.

Singh nearly stole the victory, but Sterling flew out and returned to the attack, repelling the DDT tornado attempt and delivering a unique “face-forward flip” to the opponent to earn the victory.

August Gray and Ikemen Jiro, def. Tony Nese and Aria Daivari

After a brutal defeat to Ever-Rise a week earlier, Tony Nese and Aria Daivari went to the square circle in a sickening mood, especially since they had to compete with a pair of 205 Live newcomers: longtime rival August Gray and Ikemen Jiro debuting.

According to Gray, Ikemen translates to “handsome.” And because Jiro believed that handsome men wear jackets, he wears his yellow jacket during competitions.

Jiro seemed to knock his enemies out of their game plan by constantly bouncing around the ring and flaunting his jacket, but the main athlete and the Persian lion regained control briefly, isolating The Life of the Party from his partner and making a few well-timed tags.

However, during a four-man fight, Jiro struck Nese with palm punches and a perfect Swanton bomb. Moments later, Jiro was victorious by tattooing the former heavyweight champion with a pinpoint punch to the face.


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