4 Most Popular Vampire TV Shows To Watch

Vampire TV shows have a weird theme of being set in colleges and dorms. Some of the best vampire shows share this trend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others who explore different settings. Regardless of whether the shows are set in London in the 1800s or a college dorm, we can’t stay away from the television genre.

Hollywood has produced excellent cinema around this European folklore phenomenon. Some vampire shows are average, while others have a cult following. In this guide, we will focus on the latter. As such, we’re bringing you a list of the four most popular vampire TV shows to watch.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There are few supernatural shows more iconic than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show aired from 1997 to 2003. It has a total of six seasons, which is enough to get your teeth stuck into it. The story of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is quite interesting. The show follows Buffy Summers, a Sunnydale high schooler as she battles the supernatural forces that look to overrun the small town.

While she does look like an ordinary teenager, she is anything but that. That’s because Buffy comes from a long line of Slayers. She and her family are naturally stronger and can even regenerate. Fans of the show say that she is a supernatural human who hunts the supernatural. While Buffy’s biggest enemies are vampires, she also deals with other creatures such as evil spirits, demons, and even humans. According to the Buffy fandom, she has faced a total of 323 enemies – of whom she’s left no one alive. It is one of the best vampire TV shows to ever air.

Vampire Diaries

If Buffy was a high schooler from a small town, the cast of Vampire Diaries are college students – well, some of them. Vampire Diaries is different from other vampire shows as it’s more gruesome and violent. The show is meant for teens so the producers don’t go overboard with this trend. Vampire Diaries often gets called the “Twilight of television.” But true fans of the show will tell you that Vampire Diaries, the actual book, came out years before Twilight. Also, the characters from Twilight are high schoolers, while the Vampire Diaries characters are college students.

The show is set in Whitmore College and Mystic Falls, where most of the show bounces back and forth. The show follows Elena as she falls in love with a 162-year-old vampire. There is also a weird love triangle between the main character, Elena, as she discovers that the two persons vouching for her love are vampires.

With plenty of plots and twists, Vampire Diaries is eight seasons long, with many fans crying out for another season. Despite the last episode airing in 2016, Vampire Diaries season 9 is on the minds of millions of fans. Will the showrunners ever air another season? Only time will tell.

True Blood

True Blood is very different from both shows on this list. In the series, vampires try to integrate into a society that resents them. They begin appearing after the invention of a synthetic blood product called “Tru Blood.” The show sets in a small town in Louisiana, Bon Temps, where the residents are far from friendly with their new guests. Vampires operate under specific, supernatural rules. For example, a person has to welcome a vampire inside. Otherwise, they won’t be able to.

True Blood follows Sookie Stackhouse and her forbidden love with Bill Compton, a vampire. Sookie is a waitress at a local bar, but she’s also a telepath. The story begins with the murder of a woman who is said to be connected to Sookie’s brother, Jason. Others suspect the vampires of the crime, and anti-vampire organizations start hunting them. These organizations are important to the plot as they quickly grow in power.

True Blood is seven seasons long and is much more violent than Vampire Diaries.

The Strain

We get a different sense of what it means to be a vampire after watching The Strain. The FX show is set in New York after a mysterious plane lands at the airport, showing no signs of life. The main protagonists of the series, Ephrem Goodweather and Nora Martinez, are working for the CDC. They are sent to investigate the mystery, and upon entering the plane, they find out that all passengers are dead. After some time, a couple of them reanimate and appear as if nothing happens.

Despite showing no signs of foul play, the CDC director orders the survivors to be sent home. It turns out that this is all a ploy from the one they call the Master – a vampire thousands of years old. It’s frightening watching the Strain nowadays, as the reason why vampires start appearing is due to a mysterious virus outbreak.

Ephrem argues his case, but outside forces are conspiring for a vampire world domination. The Strain is currently four-season long, with many speculating that there might be another season in the works.

Finishing Thoughts

With plenty of other vampire shows out there, our list includes shows that will appeal to people differently. If you’re not into the whole high school or college drama type of shows, then give The Strain or True Blood a try. But if you’re a fanatic for the drama of what it means to be a teenage slayer or in love with a vampire, give the other shows a bite.

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