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The change of seasons is always both delightful and distressing, especially the transition from summer to fall. It will mean hot days but cooler temperatures in the morning and evening, and one of my favorite ways to end one season and welcome another physically and mentally is to put on new pajamas. Some people may travel to welcome the arrival of this wonderful season, but for me. A new pair of pajamas is enough.

Sure, there are always things that can make us happier than pajama transitions that require us to focus our time and money, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find joy in the little things. If you want to kick off fall with clean silk pajamas, check out our 5 favorite fall pajamas below.

  1. Comfy Silk sleepwear

Two of our female staff members, both self-proclaimed pajama lovers, raved about the silk pajamas. They’re so comfortable that no one seems to care if they’re pajamas, or maybe people are just too polite to say so, says photographer May Robin. She wore them out under her coat. These pajamas are comfortable and stylish at the same time. It also satisfies her belief that if you go to bed feeling like a sophisticated boss lady, you’ll wake up feeling the same way.

2.Piped-Front Night Silk Shirt

They have a slight formal feel to them, the kind of pajamas I imagine are like this, and it actually works outside. These pajamas also have a literally airy feel to them. Made of 100% mulberry silk, these pajamas work well year-round, even when Reid has her air conditioning on full blast. There’s even something comforting about the color: the fan shades look so dainty they’re described as vaguely soothing, almost sweet, respectively.

3.Silk Long-Sleeve Pajama Set

The THXSILK Washable Silk Long Sleeve Set tops our guide to the best silk pajamas, which is why we’ve included it here as well. We tested the washable silk pajamas as we surveyed the market for them, and in our tests, the set not only withstood the spin cycle, but came out looking impressively smooth. The luxurious feeling pajamas also kept the beauties’ rooms cool when it was hot and warm when it was cold.

4.less expensive silk-pajama set

A perfect transition set for the season with long sleeves and shorts, these super soft silk PJs are an editor favorite. For a more affordable silk set, you can’t beat THXSILK, which won the title of best silk pajama pants set in the above guide Many people liken their texture to early morning skin care; they have a bit of a frosty feel to them. Unlike other silks, these button-down shirts and pants keep you warm well on cold nights and are breathable.

5.Silk Shirt Collar Nightshirt

Here’s some good news. The bedding brand you see on Instagram also makes some top-notch pajamas. For example, the pajamas are made of lightweight 100% silk and come in two crisp colors with a ruffled neckline. I gave one set each to my daughter and daughter-in-law as a fall gift, and they haven’t taken them off yet, joked one happy buyer.

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