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Linux Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting: What is the Key Difference?





To create and host various websites, individuals and companies can use web hosting services. People can access these websites over the internet thanks to the tools and platform provided by a website hosting company. In essence, these service providers offer a choice of programs to satisfy a range of needs. Let’s focus on shared and reseller hosting to better understand these two different kinds.

A website’s daily operations are completely supported by an operating system thanks to the majority of hosting services. The two most popular choices are Linux and Windows.

In light of this, both selections could be the more affordable ones for website hosting. One-page sites, smaller enterprises, and websites with minimal traffic, for example, are perfect candidates for shared hosting platforms. Best Linux Reseller Hosting is available to those who want to host a lot of websites or provide hosting services.

To provide you with a thorough understanding of your options for your business, we will discuss the main distinctions between shared & Linux Reseller Hosting services in this article.

What are Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting

With this hosting method, various websites can use the same server. It works well for simple forums and small websites that don’t need a lot of bandwidth or perhaps a complex setup. Additionally, users share all server resources, including RAM, Processors, and the mail server, among themselves.

By adding domains to cPanel’s “Addon Domains” feature, you can manage an unlimited number of domain names on your shared account. It is one of the widely used options for newcomers or someone who doesn’t have a large sum of investment.

Linux Reseller Hosting

This type of web hosting allows users to run other people’s websites on the RAM and bandwidth they have allocated to them. They effectively buy wholesale hosting services, divide them up into different plans, and then sell those to customers.

With Linux Reseller Hosting Plans, account holders can use their cPanel to set up and manage numerous cPanel hosting services. Companies can accomplish this by using the Web Host Manager. Each account will have a different collection of resources, a special login, and a password. For programmers or anyone who would like to resell the Linux Reseller Hosting services but does not want to spend much money then this hosting option is perfect. There are numerous web hosting providers so you can choose the best package from a reliable host that fulfills your needs.

Advantages of Reseller Linux Hosting and Shared Hosting


Linux Reseller Web Hosting Benefits

  1. It’s an easy way to generate income without worrying about server management. Now all you have to do is pick the Best Linux Reseller Hosting provider to get you started.
  2. Because the plan pays for all server maintenance costs, you have no out-of-pocket fees. If anything extremely unexpected starts to happen on the server, the web hosting company will refund any payments.
  3. The user interface and designs of your customer’s administration panel are completely under your control in a Linux Reseller Hosting account.
  4. You aren’t required to be technically skilled since the Hosting Services Company handles all technical issues. Additionally, you won’t suffer any additional costs as a result of this.

Shared Hosting Benefits

  1. It’s easy to use the cPanel dashboard.- You could manage and modify the hosting services account using the user-friendly cPanel control panel. It also has features for managing your website builder, adding files and graphics, viewing website statistics, creating email accounts, and initiating an SSL certificate.
  2. Multi-Domain Hosting- The idea that different websites cannot be hosted on the same shared server is a common misconception. The “Addon Domain” option allows you to host other domains on the exact same server, hence use it as proof that it is untrue.
  3. It’s an affordable choice- Using shared hosting saves money on hosting. A shared server will therefore be affordable for your business if it turns out to be the best option available.
  4. Practicality is a factor- Using shared hosting services, your website is handled for you. This gives you the freedom to give your business and website growth your full focus.


Who Should Opt for Linux Reseller Hosting Plans?

Independent developers and company owners with an interest in innovation and technology-related ventures should consider Linux Reseller Hosting. The maximum amount of customers you can have is only bound by your disk space. To provide hosting services to your clients, you perform the role of a reseller host or web hosting company. This service helps in gathering hosting services from your primary web hosting business and marketing such services to customers under your brand name. According to the needs and objectives of your customers and their businesses, you can modify the Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting packages you purchase from your web host and resell them at an incredibly sensible price.

Who Should Opt for Shared Hosting Plans?

For companies or individuals whose websites don’t require a lot of storage or bandwidth, a shared hosting offering is the best option. Due to shared hosting companies’ management of site layout as well as domain maintenance, it is appropriate for those who are beginners to website design. Small to medium-sized companies that first experience relatively little traffic can benefit greatly from this hosting option. Small e-commerce platforms for businesses might also be considered among these, as can blogs. This approach significantly reduces hosting cost and workload for individual websites while sharing the server but also its resources among several websites, making it an easy and cost-effective web hosting option.

Key Difference Between Linux Reseller Web Hosting and Shared Hosting Plans

With shared hosting services, you can still directly access resources for the website even while a server is split. You are prevented from selling your extra resources to outside parties after you have more. Furthermore, you are not permitted to sell any extra resources to outside parties, even if you currently have any. However, you are permitted to host an endless number of domains; but even so, you are not permitted to exchange them.


In contrast, Linux Reseller Hosting offers you to buy storage space and bandwidth and then resell it to other people. Although you won’t be able to use your login to move about the server, you will have full access to a specific dashboard of your Linux Reseller Hosting consumers. Starting your personal web hosting company with Cheap Linux Reselling Hosting is possible. So you can by the end make a sensible amount of profit.

Get the Best Linux Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting from Hostbillo


In addition to receiving hosting services, purchasing Hostbillo Linux Reseller Hosting as well as Shared Hosting Plans also qualifies you for the company’s key hosting benefits. With these benefits, you can start a successful hosting company and host your website for a relatively minimal investment. The affordable web hosting plans from Hostbillo feature the use of a high connection uptime guarantee. You also receive some excellent deals when you purchase the Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting services with the extra features that are advantageous to your company. These options provide a dedicated IP, high bandwidth choice, as well as a free SSL certificate. Additionally, if you choose shared hosting from Hostbillo, you can add an infinite number of domains to your shared web hosting.


  • High-quality Storage
  • Cybersecurity
  • Root Access SSH
  • White Label Offerings
  • Quick Installer
  • Maximum Uptime for Servers


As with any other kind of hosting, the choice between choosing shared hosting or Linux Reseller Hosting depends on your usage requirements and the level of control you demand.

Shared web hosting would be sufficient if all you require is a place to host your business and website. If you have big plans for managing several websites and if you’re a freelancer with the ability to manage several businesses at once, Linux Reseller Web Hosting is a wise choice to consider. Find out more about Hostbillo’s solutions and services right away. We believe that whichever path you choose is full of opportunities for success.



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