5 Common Problems when Growing Premium Cannabis in a Hydroponic Setup

Growing plants is a very simple task to do, especially if you take good care of the temperature, nutrition, and moisture. Most cannabis growers are interested in learning about different ways to grow cannabis using hydroponic systems. Hydroponic is a Latin word that simply means “water working.” In premium cannabis growing, a hydroponic setup means growing the plants in water that is enriched with nutrients and highly oxygenated.

A hydroponic setup can be used to grow cannabis during any season because it allows you to have control over the environment by providing the needed light to the plants. By using this technology, cannabis growers are able to harvest quality cannabis that is consistent.

On the good side of the hydroponic setup, there are problems related to this technology. But with good hygiene, tricks, and good planning, you can troubleshoot all these problems.

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Inappropriate setup

This is a major problem faced by cannabis growers using hydroponic technology. Some of these hydroponic setups tend to be too inappropriate to keep working on each day. This problem is commonly caused by systems that are hard to clean, mostly those with small holes and lids. Some other designs have sharp bends or even unreachable corners.

Fixing this problem is very easy because you only have to build or buy a design that doesn’t have these issues. Ensure that any hydroponic system that you build or purchase will drain without interfering with the cannabis plants.

Expensive Grow Medium Substitute

Using hydroponic technology is fun and easy to maintain because you can place it anywhere in the house or in any of your comfort zones. But using the hydroponic setup comes with a cost because replacing grow medium is very expensive, even for the smallest hydroponic systems.

Most of these growing mediums can’t be reused, so they need to be replaced after every harvest season. For example, coco coir and rockwool need to be replaced after growing. You can also choose to use growing mediums that don’t need to be disposed of but can be reused again to cut the cost of replacement.

Algae growth has the potential to kill premium cannabis plants

All cannabis growers who use the hydroponic system are very familiar with algae. These are the black, green, brown, or even red slime that commonly appears on your hydroponic systems, sometimes stuck on the container sides or sticking to the roots of the plants.

The problem with algae is that it’s likely to harm your cannabis plants. There are different ways that algae affects your cannabis plants like consuming nutrients that are meant for your cannabis plants.

It is very hard to control algae, but ensure you keep your plants in the dark because they need light in order to grow.

As premium systems expand, they become clogged

A clog can be a daily problem in your hydroponic systems depending on the system you are using. Spray systems and drip systems are impressive. The clogging problem is caused by failure of system function and materials like plant debris and algae stuck in. To fix this problem, ensure you use pre-filters and nutrients, as well as selecting another hydroponic system.

Leaks in the hydroponic system

Plumbing systems are likely to experience leakage issues after using them for a while. Due to high pressure, hydroponic systems are likely to have leaks. With leaks in the hydroponic systems, it becomes wasteful and messy too.

The system loses all the nutrients for the cannabis plants, causing them to dry up. To avoid this, ensure you use low-pressure pumps, use large pipes, and have an extra nutrient reservoir that is large.


To have healthy premium cannabis plants, plan in advance and ensure you have good cleaning habits. Make sure you spare a few minutes each day to supervise your systems for any problems so they can be fixed earlier before they start affecting your cannabis plants.

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