5 Contemporary Trends in Home Décor in 2022

Trends change every year, every season, and now thanks to the fiery social media era, one finds a new trend update at the blink of an eye with every single feed refresh! Well, it’s always a great idea to up your style game! Be it for yourself, for the Gram, or even for your cozy haven. 

2022 has been here for a while, and as we head towards the other half of this year, how bout revamping and refreshing the vibe of your living space? After all, your home décor might need a tempting makeover too!

So let’s have a look at these 5 Contemporary Trends in Home Décor in 2022. 

  • Rugs: Trending on the list of new favourites


A piece of home décor that adds a breath of fresh air and an unmatchable opulence! We are talking about the Modern Contemporary Rugs, the all new trending furniture piece in 2022. 

Contemporary carpets offer a range of versatile choices that easily amalgamate with the various interior styles and themes. Taking inspiration from modern art and architecture, they come in lustrous textures, displaying alluring colors and abstract designs. 

Woven in the finest quality of materials like wool, cotton, silk or jute, they are both sustainable as well as highly durable for high traffic living areas. Loved by homeowners and the interior designers alike, Contemporary rugs spruce up things by adding that stunningly luxurious appeal. 

To buy Contemporary rugs in India, check out this Modern Rug collection by Obeetee carpets. 

  • Trendy Colors: New Palettes for the Season

Make way for some new color duos. Dark Blue and Light wood is the all new vogue combination in the world of interiors and décor. Add this color combo with a set of gold palette furnishing and get back into the style game. 

Other than a splash of blue and woods, there’s one palette that can bring a flawless and tranquil quality to every abode. We are talking about colors that reflect nature, earthy hues, subtle greens, and warm tints of yellow. If your home décor is mild and subdued then drawing inspiration from the colors of nature is a trend to go for. Makeover your living room or your balcony into a space where you can restore and replenish yourself with shades of the earth. 

Talking about colors for the season, we can’t stop ourselves from admiring the stunning Gypsy Oasis Collection that captures breathtaking colors on a timeless canvas. Have a look and explore your perfect oasis. 

  • Minimalistic: Less is always More

Want to rejig your space and make it feel contemporary instantly? Well, then it’s time to declutter! Gone are the days of bulky furniture tables, and extravagant paintings on every wall of the house. Minimalism is the new trend to go for! Declutter or reorganize the overfilled areas and just see how the room would instantly start feeling more spacious and lighter than ever before. 

Minimalistic home décor is a magical way of adding an aura of peace and calmness. Bring together lighter furniture, natural lighting and an elegant yet voguish Rug, and add soul to your home with a minimalistic interior décor theme. 

The Minimalistic Edit by Obeetee Carpets draws inspiration from the colors, motifs and textures of the nature. A must-have for your contemporary home décor bucket list. 

  • Sustainability: The Art of Conscious Living

The world is slowly moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. With more awareness about environmental factors, people are now looking for eco-friendly alternatives even in home décor. And 2022 is the year where we will see a greater audience moving in this direction. 

You too can make a conscious living choice that will both be good for our planet, and would also assure longevity and beauty in your space. One could start by simply repurposing old furniture, or by buying textiles made of natural fibres like hemp, flax, organic cotton, and wool, or even simply using DIY pieces for decoration could be a great effort towards a more sustainable living.   

  • Vintage: Cause Old will always be Gold

Bygone trends don’t just make a comeback over the fashion ramps. Vintage trends have now made a return even in the interior designing world. 

Isn’t there an old world charm in those antique pieces that remind us of a completely different era? Many times what we may see in a showroom as a new trend, is actually a classic style re-emerging after years! 

Just an aesthetically designed corner lamp, or an epoch style mirror, or maybe an exquisite traditional style rug. Add just a tinge of such timeless décor accessories, and it will transform the aura of your place by imbibing depth and eminence. 

Featuring Oriental, Persian, Europian and Victorian patterns, this Traditional living carpet collection is timeless and eternal. A perfect choice for a vintage living space that takes you back to the everlasting cultural intricacies, all painted on a canvas. 


And there you have it! Some hard to miss Contemporary Home décor trends in 2022. Make sure to style up things, cause just like you, your home also deserves to be in-vogue! 

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