5 Tips When Installing Your Air Conditioner

Getting home AC units┬áset up by residents should never be a hassle. However, AC installation isn’t without its obstacles. First, you have to find a reliable business to have one installed with. After that comes looking for the right heating and cooling unit, then proceeding to installation.

The process is pretty straightforward for most people but can be made easier provided you have the right knowledge going into and after the purchase.

Read the brief guide below to help you understand pertinent aspects of AC installation. No matter if you’re in a home, flat, or rooming house, the advice given will be useful to you or anyone you know anticipating a future install.

  • Double Check That the Unit You Want Fits Your Home

Returns for ACs are often from people buying the wrong unit for their residence. Not all ACs are equal.

The biggest difference is usually the size or how they’re installed. If you’re in a large house with more than one floor, you’ll need an AC that’ll reach every part of your house. Heating and cooling in this situation would require more than what one small kilowatt unit can put out.

  • Find the Right Place for an Install

The location of your old AC may not be adequate for its replacement. Therefore, try and figure out where you would like for the unit to go before getting a professional to do it for you. Do-it-yourself installers should be careful with electrical components and whether the breaker is strong enough to work without shorting.

An AC installer can assist you in this if you’re having trouble. They might also suggest you change a spot that you intended for your new AC to be placed. air con unit NZ

  • Have a Good Interior Spot for the Vents

This applies especially to split system ACs and their equivalents. Home AC units work best when positioned correctly on the inside half. In spaces that are open, such as living rooms, they work well when installed next to a window or sliding door. Any area that’s close to the source of heat, like windows, should suffice.

The cool or warm air coming out of the unit will overpower the seasonal outdoor temperatures. Studio apartments are easier as there’s usually a single perfect spot to position an AC in one.

  • Check the Warranty of the AC Before Purchase

Every good AC installation business will inform you about the warranty period of the product you’re interested in buying. They can range in time, with some units having extended warranties that are much longer than others. Depending on who you let carry out your installation, the company itself may offer a warranty period outside of the product.

  • Find a Good Company

No matter where you stay, the company installing your AC should be certified or licensed to operate and perform home installations.

Most legitimate businesses will display this without you having to search for it, usually on their company website. If the company isn’t authorized, the likelihood of unwanted issues arising increases. This can become exceptionally worse if the questionable entity is uninsured.

To stress this point, only hire certified and legally permitted specialists to hook up your new AC.


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