5 Ways Recruiters on LinkedIn Are Standing Out

Recruitment doesn’t get any bigger than LinkedIn, with over 800 million registered users and almost 60 million registered companies. And they don’t only facilitate recruitment either. The platform has become synonymous with the sharing of ideas, developing professional relationships, and the establishment and growth of personal and business brands.

However, while LinkedIn’s popularity is great news for job seekers and recruiters, there is also a downside. Many people struggle to stand out from the massive crowd, and this is something that recruiters are struggling with in particular. we also need to ask LinkedIn lead generation strategies?

Since most of the searches are performed by individual users looking for positions, companies and recruiters must stand out to candidates. Fortunately, there are several innovative ways to do so – let’s take a look!

1 – Check Your Profiles

You need to ensure that your company profile and personal profile are up to date, attractive, descriptive and relevant. Does your personal profile indicate that you’re a recruiter? Does your business profile represent the business’s values, interests, and intentions?

Candidates are quickly put off right at the beginning if profiles seem contradictory or unprofessional. This is particularly true of the top candidates who value professionalism and attention to detail in all of their interactions.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your business and personal profile photos, either. These send strong signals to potential candidates and are one of the first visceral impressions they get of you or the company.

2 – Utilize LinkedIn’s Marketing Power

LinkedIn isn’t only a recruitment facilitator anymore – It is now a powerful sharing and posting platform, and recruiters should treat it as such.

Companies and recruitment agencies can use the updates and posting capabilities of LinkedIn to leverage their brand, draw attention, and send all the right signals to potential candidates.

The most popular content for LinkedIn is:

Blog Posts

LinkedIn is famous for the enormous number of blog posts that feature the broadest range of topics. These can be opinion pieces about current recruiting and marketing trends, company descriptions, tips and top ten lists for potential candidates or recruiters.

Photos and Graphics

Photos and graphics are also popular content on LinkedIn. So make sure that you consistently post relevant and helpful content. The key is to post regularly but not needlessly. In other words, establish a cadence for sharing credible and valuable content–and then stick to it!

Third-Party Content

A lot of LinkedIn content is third-party, meaning that you are sharing other people’s content by reposting or linking. This might seem counterintuitive, but candidates will trust your brand more if you show that you are a helpful resource. Also, as with all social media, the more you connect and share, the better it is for you and everyone else.

Video Content

Video content is king on social media, and LinkedIn is no exception. Video content gets shared more and is generally more effective at conveying messages. Make sure that you have done your research on the LinkedIn video specs so that your native video content fits the platform correctly. Keep it engaging, relevant, and attractive to prospective candidates as with all bits of content.

3 – Power in Numbers

LinkedIn is an incredible resource for the recruitment industry. You can have zero industry knowledge and learn everything you need to know on the platform over time.

You need to use these resources, though, and the best way to do this is by joining groups of like-minded companies and people. Joining a group is just one step. You also need to contribute, share, ask questions, answer questions and immerse yourself in your industry.

LinkedIn is designed so that the more you interact, engage and connect, the better your overall visibility and profile become, which will inevitably help you stand out.

4 – Post and Boost Jobs

Recruiters have to post their jobs, but the free post option isn’t always sufficient. If you’re a small business or recruiter, you should at least boost your job posts to get more attention. But, again, you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of recruiters and jobs, and you need all the help you can get to stand out.

If you’re a larger company or recruiter, you should join LinkedIn’s Recruiter program. Here you can post job listings that provide you with even more recruitment features. These include helpful items like receiving recommended candidates based on your post criteria, analytics and a dedicated messaging platform.

5 – Use Keyword Optimization

Much like search engines, LinkedIn is also vastly improved by keyword SEO in your company and personal profiles. Many people have unique and stand-out job titles and descriptions, which is excellent, but you need to make sure that you include commonly searched terms, too.

Candidates won’t always be browsing their feeds, they’re going to perform active searches, and that’s where you can stand out. The more common recruitment and employment terms you use in your descriptions, posts, and bio, the better chance you will have to land a premium spot on candidates’ search results.

In closing, LinkedIn’s massive popularity is the most significant benefit and potentially the biggest threat to recruiters. By following some of these tips, you’ll be able to attract all the suitable attention and stand out from the ever-increasing LinkedIn crowd!




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