6 Must Have Health Tests for Men After 30

A check-up is a medical examination done by a qualified doctor to check for possible illness or symptoms in a person’s body. It is done by doing multiple tests to check the health history or current cause of the illness. It is vital to always conduct a medical check-up for your health in order to prevent serious health issues. For people suffering from a particular disease, a check-up helps cure it by restoring their health back to normal.

How often do you need to do a check-up?

Going for a medical check-up depends on the current state of your health. For healthy people, we recommend once a year since it gives you the chance to know your health. Those who are suffering from any disease should visit their doctor more often to get the care needed to cure the condition. Check-up also depends on the age of a person. For men over 30 years, it is advisable to see the doctor every two years to prevent chronic diseases that develop around this time. Such will help you know your body’s condition hence staying safe.

Health issues for men over 30 you must test

As years go by, certain illnesses develop with age or a person’s lifestyle. As a man who is 30 years and above, always ensure to do a regular check-up to avoid having health issues. In case you want to understand more about some of the issues, read this article that contains valuable information regarding your health.

Cholesterol screening

Cholesterol is found in the body tissue and cell membranes, and it helps with making tissue sand hormones. Since it is found in the blood, it can result in heart conditions if the levels are not maintained. A high cholesterol level can form buildups in the arteries that can block the safe passage of blood, leading to a heart attack. By doing regular check-ups, the doctor is able to help you keep your cholesterol levels down for good health.


Testosterone is a male hormone that helps develop sex tissues like the prostate and testes. The hormone helps with increasing the sex drive of a man, also called libido. It also helps with sperm development, muscle, and red blood cell, which can lead to serious health issues when not present. The reason why you need this check-up is that when the levels are high, it can risk you contracting health issues like difficulty in urinating, heart attack, low sperm levels and prostate enlargement. You need to maintain your testosterone levels to avoid severe conditions as a man.

Human Growth Hormone

HGH is a hormone produced by the body which aids in growth, controlling sugar metabolism, heart functions and more. In some cases, people buy HGH tablets to help them maintain a younger look, although it can bare risks. Based on a study by Dr. Growth Hormone Clinic, most men over 30 experience a rapid drop in growth hormone secretion. If you are experiencing such a condition and it is making your body weak in various ways, HGH Doctor Clinic is able to help you restore your levels back to normal. All you need to do is contact them, and they will do a check-up to determine the cause of the condition, where they will solve it for you.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure has become a common disease in most men who are over 30 years. The condition can be caused by family history or bad heating habits like foods rich in cholesterol or salt. When one has high blood pressure, the risk of getting a stroke is high. Therefore, we always advise men to do the necessary by getting checked by a physician to prevent such issues from arising. It is also essential to check your eating habits, especially avoiding foods with a lot of fats since they aid in blocking the arteries walls resulting in high blood pressure.


Diabetes is a health condition that is caused by a too high level of sugar in the body. There are different types of the disease, including type 1, 2 and prediabetes which all react differently to the body. The leading cause of the illness is the lifestyle which results in obesity and other body conditions. There are early signs of diabetes in men that you need to watch out for, including loss of weight, fatigue, nausea, thirst and hunger, frequent urination, and blurred vision. If you are experiencing any of this, it is time to call your doctor for a quick check-up.

Mental health

Mental health is considered a way in which people handle stress, depression and emotional aspects that alter their behaviours. The cause of the illness remains undiscovered by most research shows that it can be hereditary or caused by trauma. Among the mental health, symptoms are mood swings, sadness, bipolar, OCD, and post-traumatic stress, among others. If you show such symptoms, don’t wait for it to become prolonged; instead, seek medical attention. There are many facilities that can offer you mental health care; therefore, do your research and visit one.

Always remember your health is very important; therefore, it is your obligation to take care of it. It is obvious to enjoy having perfect health when one is young, but that can change with time. Doing check-ups to determine the condition of your body is the only way to keep you safe. A check-up helps in maintaining an excellent immune system, especially when getting advice directly from the doctor. As a man, you might encounter specific changes in your body in your 30s, and the only way to ensure it doesn’t affect your health is by visiting a doctor regularly. It can also sound hectic trying to create time for clinic visits, but you will realize it is pretty easy with a well-planned schedule. Also, have your own personal doctor who can come through for you in case of emergencies.

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