7 Ways to Reach New Audiences in Nashville

Few American cities can top the expansion and energy in Nashville right now. 

This southern gem has everything from booming real estate markets to developments and culture. Whether you’re building a business, a family, or both, Nashville is worth a look. It seems like each day, a new Nashville billboard appears on the 65.

But reaching audiences in new territory is always a challenge, even in a friendly state like Tennessee. Here are seven proven ways to connect with new prospects for your business and start making money in Nashville now.

1. Establish a Presence Online

Research and discovery mainly happen online nowadays, no matter the industry at hand. Google and social media are the best places to start generating interest in your business, and your website should be highly polished as well.

Don’t be fooled by Tennessee’s old-fashioned exterior. Nashville is becoming a tech-driven city, and the online engine runs at full capacity. Create a streamlined funnel for customers to follow from the moment they click your ad or link, to the point of sale and beyond. 

2. Build a Reputation Via Billboards

Nashville is a show-and-tell type of town, and strong, consistent imagery is key to putting your brand on the map. What better way to get the ball rolling than with billboards, which still offer an effective form of out-of-home media?

The city is surrounded by highways with large looping roads on the outskirts and by the airport. There are thousands of Nashville billboard spots to choose from, with new locations popping up all the time. 

Since Tennessee is home to a growing population with new construction everywhere, traffic is now the norm. Some drivers may be frustrated, but it’s your chance to get your business in the mix.

3. Tap Into Transit Advertising

In the heart of the city, buses operate all day long to bring residents from A to B. Train service is also available, running along the East Corridor to downtown and back.

There’s no shortage of ad space throughout the transit infrastructure, giving your brand another great opportunity to reach out. With transit ads, you can make the most of creative designs and copywriting that references the city’s culture and the commuter lifestyle. 

It may not rival the MTA system in New York City, but up-and-coming Nashville public transit can be a viable launchpad for any budding business. 

4. Get the Most from Digital OOH

Digital out-of-home media is the way of the future, offering far more flexibility and creative potential. Throughout the downtown area of Nashville, you can put your brand in the spotlight in shopping areas, bustling cultural districts, and the famous Broadway street.

Music venues are synonymous with the city, but there are plenty of sporting events with digital OOH opportunities as well. The Predators are an NHL favorite, while the Tennessee Titans are a national treasure. 

Of course, lower-cost options exist if you want to preserve some cash. It’s a reminder that there’s a Nashville billboard for every budget and purpose.

5. Consider Wallscape Ads

Visual art is an underrated part of the Nashville scene, and beautiful murals and wallscapes can be found all over the map. This isn’t your typical Nashville billboard, but it makes a statement. 

The initial cost of these ads might be pricy with the skilled labor required, but your business quickly wins the admiration of locals if you execute correctly.

The other limitation is that you may see fewer opportunities for wallscape placements, so planning further in advance is key to success. 

The best way to streamline the process is to connect with a proven ad network with local connections in Nashville, ensuring you get priority access and the best possible price. 

6. Connect with People In Person

In-person connection is central to the culture of Nashville and other cities in the south. You definitely don’t want to “be a stranger” by only promoting your business via ads. Getting involved on the ground and making real-life connections is critical. 

Thankfully, you’ve got a huge range of networking opportunities to jump on, from conventions and expos to university events and conferences. Recruit people of all backgrounds to help get the word out about your brand and watch the magic happen.

7. Keep Expanding (In All Directions)

Nashville makes a great home base for any business, and can be a gateway to many other lucrative new territories throughout the south and midwest. In Tennessee alone, you’ve got bustling cities like Memphis and Knoxville to explore, plus plenty of smaller cities and college towns. 

With business growth, it’s often a rinse-and-repeat process of expansion when you’ve got the formula down. If your Nashville billboard made an impact, try it in the next town over. With a strong brand voice and some momentum, your business can rise to the top in Tennessee and beyond. 

Make Your Business Known in Nashville

You aren’t the only business owner looking to make headway in the fast-growing Nashville market! Keep your strategy sharp and use all these proven tactics to separate yourself from the pack and build your business right. 

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