9 Tips to Make your Cat Drink More

Some cats are very fussy about water. You leave them fresh water all day, but the minute you turn on the faucet, they come running to drink it.


So the question arises, what is it that attracts cats to running water?


Your cat may be drinking the water in his bowl, but looking to splash it with his paw. Or she may keep trying to tip her bowl over to drink the water that spills on the floor.


Other cats balance on the toilet bowl to reach the thirst-quenching water.


Outdoor cats may even drink from puddles or water in the fish tank or aquarium rather than condescending to drink the fresh water you put in their bowl.


Here are 9 tips that will make your cat drink moreĀ :


  1. Keep food and water bowls away from the litter box.


  1. Serve fresh water daily. Cats seem to be very aware of the temperature and taste of water.


  1. Make sure the water bowl is always filled to the brim. Cats have very sensitive whiskers and don’t like having to stick their heads in the bowl.


  1. Some cats don’t like the taste of tap water. If this is the case, you could:
  • Refrigerate the tap water to improve the tas
  • Serve filtered water
  • Serve bottled water.


Try different things and see what your cat prefers.


  1. Some cats will drink more water if a drop or two of tuna juice (tuna in water or clam juice) or milk is added. If you try this method, always make sure there is another bowl of fresh water as well.


  1. Some cats like broth-based ice cubes (tuna or salmon juice mixed with water and frozen).


  1. If your cat prefers to drink from the tap, make sure she always has access to a faucet (don’t close the bathroom door if that’s where your cat likes to drink).


If your schedule allows, run the tap as often as possible during the day.


Water fountains are also available for cats that like fresh running water.


  1. Keep the water bowl clean (cats have a keen sense of smell and are easily put off by odors coming off the rim of their bowl).


Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are cleaner and more odorless than plastic ones. You should wash the water bowl every other day if possible.


  1. Some cats seem to prefer to drink from a clear, shallow glass bowl (try different bowls).


There are many different ways to get your cat to drink. You should try them all because your cat is unique and there is no magic bullet that works for all cats.


Kibbles are a balanced and complete food, well adapted to cats. However, they must be accompanied by sufficient water: indeed, some cats, whose urine is very concentrated, develop urinary stones.


The quantity of water drunk is not the only element involved in the occurrence of stones: the quality of the kibble is fundamental.


Avoid food from supermarkets, which are too salty and too fatty, and prefer food from pet shops or your veterinarian.


Getting your cat to drink enough is essential, however, because failure to drink can exacerbate certain diseases such as kidney failure or feline urinary tract syndrome (FUT).

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