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“A way to get some more clout” – Kevin Holland explains interesting reasons why he would fight Paulo Costa over Jared Cannonier




Kevin Holland explained why he felt a struggle between Paulo Costa i Jared Cannonier it would make sense, at the same time revealing which of the two would make him a tougher opponent. The ‘Trailblazer’ believes there are still a lot of good fights in the middleweight division, but Holland added that Costa and Cannonier could fight each other, given that they are both defeated in previous fights.

During the interview with Helen Yee, Kevin Holland admitted that he hates to say anything bad about Cannonier because he has a wonderful soul. However, if the Netherlands were asked to choose a tougher test between Costa and Cannonier, the # 10 ranked fighter would choose “The Killa Gorilla”. Holland said:

“As for the middleweight category, a lot of good fights are expected. Honestly, Paulo and Jared Cannonier could fight each other, that would be a great fight, right? But, I mean, man, I hate to say anything bad about Jared Cannonier because he’s he is such a wonderful soul, but they both bring losses.

“So if I’m fighting anyone, it’s not that I’m not going to get the praise and love everyone wants to get for fighting anyone, but at the end of the day, when you have to pick a tougher test, the harder test would be Jared Cannonier.”

Kevin Holland added that the best way to achieve more strength would be to fight Kosta. The ‘Big Mouth’ warned the Brazilian by saying he was ready to be beaten after he was beaten by “skinny boy” Israel Adesanya.

“If you had to pick a way to get more strength, because they say I like that strength, I’d pick Paul Costa. Besides, the skinny boy seems to shake him out, give him another skinny ** huge one.”

Kevin Holland is currently focusing on UFC Vegas 22

Kevin Holland will face Derek Brunson in the five-round main event at UFC Vegas 22 this weekend. With the win, the Netherlands will aim to secure a fight against a higher-ranked opponent, someone from the Top 5, and eventually break through to score for Adesany’s UFC middleweight title.

Posted March 20, 2021, 4:28 AM IST