How to use the YouTube API to get more Views on Your Videos?

You do not need a new script, storyboard or filming to create unique content. The YouTube API key can generate more views on the content already created.

The YouTube API key is an application programming interface that allows the embedding of YouTube videos, playlists, and other services onto websites. This function will enable businesses to share videos on their websites without writing the program from scratch.

In simple terms, API is a set of codes, protocols, and functions for interacting with a software application. API allows you to work on a predefined function.

What Makes API so Relevant?

API has emerged as a new business model for companies to gear up in this era which values data. It helps to generate data in vast amounts, both internally and externally.

In today’s world, where efficient management and generation of data are crucial for IT companies, it is becoming challenging to manage the exponential size of it with a traditional system. Situations like this make API a much more efficient and secure solution.

API allows breaking barriers between, facilitates work processes, and enables better cooperation among organizations to protect data. Organizations no longer need to scrape google search  results for valid and comprehensible data.

When a company opens its API services, it provides additional benefits and invites new customers to its platform. Offering API services can be a profitable business model for third-party developers.

One of the popular APIs is the Google news search API. The news API allows searching and retrieving articles everywhere on the web, helping you to get your hand on the top articles running on news websites. It also allows you to streamline your search using specific keywords.

How to avail of the API Service?

You cannot access API without an authorized key, giving providers like YouTube API access to their service while retaining control. Issuing a unique authorized key to its users can preserve the interface while managing the users.

Tuber Package for YouTube API

YouTube data can be analyzed by availing of the ‘tuber package’. It allows you to draw data from different channels regarding the number of views, likes and dislikes counts, comments, and more.

To access the data, the first step is to install the ‘tuber package’ and ask Google for an authorization key. Use the following code:

and install.packages(‘tuber’)

library(tuber)client_key = ”

client_secret = ”

yt_oauth(app_id = client_key, app_secret = client_secret)

This code generates a browser with some numbers to give you the authority to access the application. The local tool R will wait for you to copy and paste the serial numbers. Once you complete the process, you will be logged into the YouTube API.

The YouTube API allows you the liberty of the following functions to analyze the data from the ‘tuber package.’

  • The function lets you view the statistics of all videos in a channel. g You have to punch in the channel id in the function.
  • By punching in get_stats, you can get the statistics of a video by sharing its video id. It allows you to compile data for the number of views, likes and dislikes, comments, and favorites.
  • There is another function that allows you to compile more detailed data comprising of information like the publishing date of the video, thumbnail, title, description, and category. get_video_details is the function.
  • You can get the data for all the comments on a video using the get_all_comments It is instrumental in text mining regarding a topic or category.
  • list_channel_activities function allows you to view the list of channel activities.
  • While list_videos shows you the list of the most popular videos.

How to benefit from YouTube API?

The YouTube API allows you to analyze the data from various YouTube channels, including the competitors’, to analyze the most viewed and liked videos in a channel to help you understand what resonates with the audience.

You may then proceed to apply the understanding to increase your viewership.

Analyzing Competition

You can draw out an Excel sheet comprising all the data from your competitor’s channel. The google image api  gives you the engagement statistics of their videos and the best content. You can use the data gathered to your advantage and increase views on your content by tweaking the information to create engaging content.

Finding the Best Performing Content

YouTube has innumerable videos in various niches. You can pull out data relevant to your niche and check what the best-performing videos in it are. A better idea of audience engagement and response to top-rated videos can help you provide an overview to increase your viewership.

Allowing Businesses to discover Your Content

Businesses are using YouTube API to discover the best content related to their industry on YouTube. Using the API, they can curate the list of the top YouTubers, and the plugin feature allows them to share your high-ranking content on their platform.

The YouTube API has made it easier for customers to discover high-quality google image search api on business websites. At the same time, it has allowed free promotion to the content creators and increased views on their already existing content.

In Conclusion

The YouTube API has been beneficial for both content creators and businesses.

Businesses can curate a list of YouTubers and enter video marketing without creating additional content. On the other hand, YouTubers can engage with a broader audience and increase their viewership.

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