A&E, WWE offer drive-in screening sneak peeks of new WWE Legends ‘Biography’ series


NEW YORK, NY – The A&E Network and WWE are bringing the stories of some of WWE’s most memorable legends directly to fans across America through film screenings in six cities. In each city, fans will receive exclusive previews of selected Biography films and will be eligible for special draws. Fans can respond to a free preview in their city at eventbrite.com/o/aampe-network-and-wwe-studios-32853200789

With unprecedented access to WWE’s archive, eight original two-hour documentaries under the award-winning Biography banner showcase the stories of some of WWE’s most memorable superstars of all time, including Steve Austin’s Stone Cold and Macho Man. Randy Savage, Wild Roddy Piper, Booker T., Sean Michaels, Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Ultimate Warrior. The new Biography specials have been prepared by some of the industry’s leading directors and storytellers to highlight the success of these WWE legends and their lasting footprint in both sports and entertainment and popular culture. Watch the trailer on youtube.com/watch?v=wFuUBDLkMsY

The Biography partnership will premiere Sunday, April 18, on A&E with Biography: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at 8:00 PM ET / PST, followed by the new WWE Most Wanted Treasures series premiere at 22:00 ET / Pacific Time.

Search locations and details

  • Tuesday, April 6: Moonstruck Drive-In, Houston, TX

  • Monday, April 12: Malco Summer Drive-In, Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Tuesday April 13: Ford Wyoming, Detroit. MI

    • Biography: Steve Austin’s Cold Stone. Show – Tickets here

  • Wednesday, April 14: Center Brook Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

    • Biography: Steve Austin’s Cold Stone. Show – Tickets here

  • Thursday, April 15: Springs Cinema & Taphouse, Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Saturday, April 17: Theaters in the Parking Lot, Philadelphia, PA.

    • Biography: Steve Austin’s Stone Cold. Show – Tickets here


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