All You Need to Know About Xiaomi 11T Pro

Xiaomi is growing very fast. This is because they operate on small margins and sell at much lesser prices compared to their competitors. From respectable performance, good design, and built excellent performance, Xiaomi is a perfect phone. Below, we discuss Xiaomi’s great resource Xiaomi 11T Pro.

  1. Design and build

It’s the second thinnest smartphone in the market, with a width of 6.81mm. Xiaomi is also feather-light with a weight of 157 grams. The triple rear camera has an additional thickness on the top left corner. This is, however, barely noticeable. It’s comfortable to hold because of the curved metal frame and the rounded edges. It comes with a flexible transparent case. This is good to keep it safe while flaunting its beauty.

It comes in three colors that you can choose from. They are Boba Black, Peach Pink, and Bubblegum Blue. The pink and blue have an outstanding reflective feature that makes them beautiful and resistant to smudges and marks. To see more of this beautiful phone, you can visit

The smartphone has a fingerprint sensor which is also the power button. That position is convenient and comfortable. It also offers the face unlock option, which uses the phone’s front camera.

  1. Display and audio

It has a big display of 6.55 inches Full HD+ HDR10-compliant and 10-bit AMOLED color panel. This makes the phone have excellent brightness, fantastic viewing angles, superb contrast, and sharp colors. The thickness is almost equal all around, which gives it excellent symmetry.

Xiaomi 11T Pro allows you to control the phone’s visuals. You can set it in a dark mode which is great for this power-efficient OLED display. Dark mode changes the bright UI elements to black. You can also change the color gamut and adjust the temperature.

Its default is 60Hz, but you can change it to 90Hz in the settings. Switching up will give you a slicker and smoother user experience.

It has a one-handed mode that shrinks the UI down to bring everything within the thumb’s reach. This is essential considering the phone’s expansive display.

  1. Software and features

It has some very appealing elements. An example is how you can control how everything looks and behaves. You can also decide if you want the phone’s connection speed to show or not, among other essential options. It has playful features and animations, which makes the experience even better.

  1. Performance

It uses the snapdragon 732G, which is very effective. It quickly does the usual tasks like messaging and browsing. It has high graphics, which makes it a good gaming phone. It has 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.2 storage. It’s very competent and allows software updates.

  1. Battery

It has a big battery of 4250mAh, which is excellent considering its thinness. It has two levels of battery-saving mode. It fully charges within one hour and 10 minutes.

  1. Camera

For rear it has a 64Mp + 8Mp + 5Mp. The front camera is 16 MP. It shoots video at a resolution of 4K, which is satisfactory and competent.


Xiaomi 11T Pro is a great phone to buy with all the great features. It’s essential to buy your phone from an authorized dealer. Always charge it using its original charger. Before leaving the store, ask for any other accessories and the warranty.

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