An introduction to Python and Machine Learning

Python has been used extensively in a lot of industries recently. It is one of the most popular computer programming languages. Using this language one can build a lot of things related to software. One can easily establish web & software development, programming, data analytics, game development, finance, etc. Python is an easy programming language and can be learned in a very short time. It is a general-purpose programming language. General-purpose programming means that the language can be used for web or software development in a variety of domains.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is one of the young fields where software developers are putting in a lot of effort and improvements in recent times. In very simple terms, the natural intelligence of animals (humans) instilled in machines or robots can be termed Artificial Intelligence. Self-driving cars, Robots, Digital smart assistants, etc. can be considered as a few examples of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is one sub-part of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning includes the study of algorithms used in computers to improve data interaction and data handling. With the help of machine learning, a computer gains the ability to learn or act without the need for explicit programming done. The major sectors that use machine learning intensively are healthcare, finances, banking, software, etc. It uses Artificial intelligence and computer science together to build up algorithms that can mimic a human brain in a way. There are three types of machine learning, majorly:

  1. Supervised Learning
  2. Unsupervised Learning
  3. Reinforcement Learning

Among the other languages, Python has proven to be one of the best languages for machine learning. The language is easier to learn and work with. This language also supports the algorithms used for machine learning easily. The future of machine learning is very promising. Most of the major sectors have already raised the demand for the application of Artificial Intelligence in their respective domains. For the most part demand for fields related to computer science has risen significantly in the last few years. The use of automated computer applications leaves room for improvement.

Why Taking A Course On An Online Platform Is A Better Choice For You?

With a wide variety of e-learning platforms available today, it becomes utterly important to choose the correct course and platform to opt for the course of your choice. Under these online education platforms, there is an open spectrum of methodological learning with higher potency. The machine learning course has many chunks of benefits. The coding language that is inculcated in machine learning is python.

Machine Learning with Python Training provides you with more than 48 hours of live training on the subject topic. The training is conducted by experts on the subject matter. To examine your growth and learning, you will be provided with more than 80 MCQs assignments. They provide you with 10 live projects for this specific course to hone your skills in this domain. The real-life projects allotted for the students make the learning more efficient and coherent. The quality of assignments allotted for students is commendable. They help the students to fully understand the concepts that are taught in the lectures. Your personal goals will be achieved effortlessly.

Once you are enrolled in the course you will be allotted a mentor who will help you with the further procedure. The mentors are  extremely supportive and considerate. Once you have enrolled for any of the courses you get life-long access to the software content provided by the tutors. The recorded lectures are available as well. The course can be taken by any person having knowledge of software languages. Taking up this course can help to gain expertise in the field of machine learning.

About The Course:

The course consists of knowledge about basic learning of all the libraries of python to handle and manipulate data. The fundamentals of machine learning will be introduced followed by the introduction of supervised and unsupervised learning. They guide you with using optimization techniques to  reduce the errors in your model. Under supervised learning, they cover the major crucial topics like Linear and Logistic Regression, KNN Classification, and Bayesian Classifiers. Under unsupervised topics, they include the knowledge of K-means Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering. Ensemble techniques use multiple models or algorithms to obtain improved results. The course teaches you how you can use ensemble techniques to refine and enhance the results of your work. The practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge are given equal time, importance, and effort. You will be helped to create a portfolio of your work that will make it easier to showcase your skill in the particular field.

If you have a basic knowledge of programming languages and statistics, this course will be easy for you to grasp. You are provided pre-training related to the course to make the process of learning easier for you. Pre-trainings for the course include various reference articles, e-books, and videos. They provide video training for clearing the basics of knowledge related to python and machine learning. The basics of python and statistics will be taught by the tutors to revisit the necessary concepts. The cost of this course provided is approximately 2199 dollars and the classes provided are on weekdays. They provide learning on a global platform. If you want to trust your education and learning, you will not regret the choice of opting for online education. The skilled professionals of each subject make the inflexible and monotonous content easy for their students.


Online courses have seen an excess demand as it offers flexible routines and is convenient. The e-learning platforms have successfully achieved the milestone of imparting quality education over the entire globe. They offer numerous courses to the students. The tutors are experts in their fields, making the courses trustable and the learning fruitful. If you want to make a career in the field of machine learning taking a machine learning course at Zeolearn. They will hone your skills required in the field. All you have to do now is grab your chance of learning a popular course at your comfort and ease.

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