Bate and Dar to collide at NXT UK Prelude for a Heritage Cup Match


Tyler Beit and Noam Dar face off at NXT UK Prelude ahead of Heritage Cup title match

After an impressive victory over a giant Dave Mastiff Last week’s Heritage Cup match Tyler Beit there is only one obstacle left to overcome if he wants to achieve his goal – to challenge Child for the Heritage Cup, but it will definitely be a daunting task.

Standing in Beit’s way is Noam Dar, the cocky Supernova Sessions host who recently spoke to the first ever NXT UK champion on a talk show. After trying to provoke Beit by questioning him about his newfound Zen lifestyle and throwing lettuce and broccoli on his rival’s lap, Dar was embarrassed when Beit pretended to hit him. Bate’s ploy caused Dara to jump back in fear and onto the sofa in search of cover.

They will now equalize at NXT UK: Prelude on Thursday 8th April and the winner will be eligible for a future Heritage Cup match against A-Kid!


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