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Safety equipment such as temporary fences, steel barriers, and water barriers are required for construction sites. But why not use these fences and barricades to serve a dual purpose? Your perimeter will be noticed and professionalized with a Platon Graphics custom printed fence screen. Use your valuable vertical advertising space to promote your brand, sponsor a safety message, or create art!

Many construction zones can be a eyesore for the community, filled with rusty equipment, messy materials and debris that builds up along fence lines. Platon Graphics custom-printed fence screens enhance the visual appeal of any project area while maximising brand visibility and monetizing your work zones.

Why are custom-printed fence screens important?

Onlookers and residents can become curious and sometimes frustrated when commercial and construction projects are in their setup phase. We’ve all seen the disorganized, dirty job sites that clog up streets and distract from the beauty of urban development, beautiful landscaping, and pedestrian walking routes. To build a positive relationship, you must start with transparency. To inform the community about your project, take advantage of city council meetings and town meetings. Let them know what to expect and how to contact you if they have any concerns.

When you are setting up equipment, materials, and temporary fencing, it is important to cover your fence with a vinyl fence covering. The Platon Graphics Chain link fence screen can be used as a cover for less-than-stellar chain-link fencing. It is a great way to protect workers from dust and dirt blowing around and to create a barrier between construction areas.

Platon Graphics can be made to your specifications and dimensions. These are some of the most popular uses for privacy screens:

Why should you invest in a Platon Graphics fence screen?

A privacy screen for your fence is an easy and inexpensive way to be recognized. Industry saturation can prevent you from being successful, regardless of whether your construction company is a long-standing one or a new startup. Your company’s privacy and wind screens can be customized to increase visibility and professionalism, and help secure new leads.

A recent press release by the out of Home Advertising Association of America states that consumers are increasingly looking for outdoor and shared experiences. Additionally, 75 percent of respondents stated that they have become more comfortable with digital device ads. Take advantage of these stats by ordering fence screen marketing devices and print ads!

Companies are now using privacy screen fences to display eye-catching branding or ads. With the help of Platon Graphics, you are able to screen fences with high-impact advertising, safety, and marketing messages. This will protect employees and create a professional, clean project site.

Windscreens and Fence Privacy Screens: Practical Benefits                

Privacy and wind screens offer many practical benefits that construction companies cannot do without, in addition to their aesthetic value and marketing potential.

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Privacy covers and fence screens by Platon Graphics are a great way to promote your brand and increase professionalism. Transform your construction site! Your temporary fence system can be customized with a logo or tagline. To get started, call our team or request a fence screen estimate online.

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