Benefits of living in a low-rise apartment

Are you considering buying an apartment? It is important to consider the type of structure you’d like to settle in, i.e. an ultra-high-rise or a low-rise because it could directly or indirectly impact your daily life.

If you are looking to buy a home you may be faced with an issue of choosing the best house for the low-rise area or in a high-rise residential property. There are many factors that can influence the decision of home buyers because both types of housing have many advantages. If you take a closer look at the trends in real estate over the last few times, low-rise homes are attracting a large number of buyers, particularly those who want a tranquil atmosphere with fewer people and greater privacy. Below are the main reasons that have prompted homeowners to purchase low-rise homes.

LIV at MB is a brand new condominium development situated at Arthur Road, District 15, Singapore.

Low density of populationThe increasing demand for low-rise apartment buildings is due to the low amount of people living in a given building, and the absence of open spaces in large cities. Buildings with low rises have smaller floors and smaller families, which leads to an uninhibited lifestyle and limited use of the amenities in the project. Additionally, a lower density of residents will mean less interaction with others within post-COVID-19 world. after-COVID-19 world that is the most important homes selection criteria in the new norm.

Resell value highLooking at current real estate developments, low-rise apartments have a high resale value and are a good investment choice. They are more spacious and have more space, quiet neighborhoods and amenities. All of these elements result in a more attractive resales value. So, if you’re looking to maximize the value of your capital, low-rise homes are the best option.

Greenery and open spacesGreenery and open spacesThe Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for low-rise homes revolves around green spaces. Low-rise communities are more likely to include green spaces, parks, and trees. A greater focus is placed on walking trails that are specifically designed to improve your life and the highly-popular in the post-COVID-19 era.

Controls the temperature of buildings and lowers energy usage.A low-rise structure ensures that your residence is comfortable weather conditions. Temperatures drop as the building gets taller and the average speed of wind increases. Therefore, buildings that are taller are more susceptible to strong winds , and have more hours of direct sunlight. So, the amount of energy required to cool and heat is also increasing as we climb higher.

More resilient to natural impactsA low-rise building is more earthquake-resistant. In addition, if lifts are not operational in the event of natural disasters it is much easier to get into the safe zone of an area with a lower rise.

Ideal for seniors: In old-age high-rise apartment buildings can be challenging to reside in. The majority of the time, rapid movements and high elevations can make us feel uncomfortable when we get older. Therefore, low-rise structures are generally better than residential buildings with high rises.

LIV at MB is situated within the low-rise landed properties on Meyer & Mountbatten Road and offers the rare panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Check out the LIV MB Floor Plans!

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