Best Games For Children To Stay Away From The Screen

Video games and cartoons are addictive to kids. However, sticking their eyes to the TV all day will harm sight. So how to limit their screen time?

Kids like games, both indoors and outdoors. If you don’t want them to sit in front of the screen, come up with activities they are eager to join.

We recommend the best games for children to stay away from the screen in this article. Let’s follow our post and find one that your kid likes most!

Best Games For Children To Stay Away From The Screen

These ideas are simple to play. You can also adjust some rules to make it funnier or simpler for your kids to catch up with.

Hide And Seek

Everyone has played “Hide and Seek” at least one. You can spend hours playing with your kids. Remember to add some gifts for the winner.


The rule is that one participant is “it.” That individual closes their eyes and counts to a particular number without peeking before finding the others.

You’ve probably heard of several different versions of “Hide and Seek.” You may count to ten, twenty, or one hundred. All are correct.

You can rush to the main base and mark yourself as “safe.” Otherwise, hide until “it” can find you.

Number of players: At least three.

Equipment: None.

1. “Hide and Seek” is easy to play (Source)

Doggy Doggy Where is Your Bone Game

Your children can play this “Doggy Doggy Game” outdoors or indoors. It promotes engagement and amusement among youngsters and boosts their self-esteem.


Children form a circle, with one player playing the doggy and the others chanting the song. You can learn in detail via this video.

The “doggy” closes his eyes while one player takes the bone. The doggy has to guess who took it.

Number of players: Any size.

Equipment: A blindfold and anything that you can use as a bone.

Kick The Can

“Kick the can” is quite similar to “Hide & Seek.” If your child gets bored with the traditional version, try this one for him.


To begin, pick a person or a group of individuals to be the “it.” Then, put a can in the center of the playground.

While the others flee and hide, the “it” closes his eyes, chants to a particular number, and searches for everyone.

When “it” tags somebody, they become caught participants. The imprisoned players will be free if one of the un-caught players kicks the can.

Number of players: At least three.

Equipment: A metal can.

2. The can will bring you and your children joy (Source)

Four Square

You will play this game on a square ground with four smaller squares marked one to four.


Each square has one person, with the highest-ranking person in square one and the lowest scoring participant in square four.

The ball bounces between the players, landing once in the other player’s square before being caught.

You have complete control over the rules. Anyone who breaks the rules will be out.

Number of players: At least four.

Equipment: A ball.


Boys love playing with marbles. And girls love these little balls because they look beautiful.


The general rules are that you must first make a circle in the ground, then take turns hitting the marbles out of the ring with your big marble.

Number of players: At least two.

Equipment: Marbles.

3. Kids love marbles (Source)

Red Light, Green Light

If your child invites some friends to your house, do not let them sit and watch TV. “Red light, green light” is much funnier.


One player plays the role of the traffic light and stands at one end, while the other participants are at the other.

When the traffic light yells “Red light,” everybody should stop.

When he shouts “Greenlight,” all the participants have to approach the traffic light as fast as possible.

However, when the light turns red, anyone who is moving will lose.

The winner is the first person to get to the traffic light.

Number of players: At least three.

Equipment: None.


“Tag” is so easy to play and requires no equipment.


One of the participants is the chaser. The caught player will be the chaser when he touches somebody with his hands.

This game ends when everybody gets tired.

Number of players: Any size.

Equipment: None.

4. Kids have fun when they run (Source)

Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind Man’s Bluff” is familiar but never gets old. Make sure to play the same in a safe place.


One player will wear a blindfold and catch others. You can make the rule more exciting by limiting the playing zone.

Number of players: Any size.

Equipment: A blindfold.

Musical Chairs

Music can get everyone to stand up and dance. This idea works the same but is more fun, thanks to the chairs.


Position seats facing outward in a circle. The number of chairs must be one fewer than the number of participants.

After setting up, turn on the music. Players will go around the circle.

Once the music suddenly stops, they have to find a chair to sit on. One who can’t sit is out.

Number of players: At least one.

Equipment: Chairs and a music player.


Hopefully, our shared list can bring you precious moments with your kids. Feel free to design your own game that fits your child best. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for being so interested in the post!

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