Best tips to Recover lost funds 2023 : How can I recover my money from online scam?

There are many reasons why you may be trying to recover lost funds ranging from online dating scams, investment fraud, cryptocurrency fraud and so much more. Following and reading this article will give you insight on ways we can help you recover you lost funds.

Investment scams involve a bad actor enticing people to send their cryptocurrency to the fraudster with promises of “huge gains.” Scammers can play many parts, such as an “investment manager,” a celebrity or even a love interest on an online dating site. Whatever role is assumed, they promise to grow your investment if you transfer your cryptocurrency to them.

If you follow through with their request, kiss goodbye to your crypto.

Crypto scams often aim to gain private information such as security codes or trick an unsuspecting person into sending cryptocurrency to a compromised digital wallet.

How to recover your lost funds

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We follow the best work flow to solve a case to recover lost funds

Assess – The first step to recover lost funds through scam is to determine if the trader or exchange is actually legit. All information including websites, contact details and financial transfers are forensically analysed. This combined with the cryptocurrency tracing will yield the best investigative results.

Case Fact Finding & Evaluation – We will perform a trace to  find  out  where  your currency was sent within the blockchain ecosystem or bank and provide information about the transaction. This will help law enforcement to determine the current location of the money and determine who withdrew it. Based on our tracing, authorities may be able to identify the perpetrator and freeze his accounts

Investigate – If we believe that you have been a victim of online fraud, an investigation will be launched to identify the perpetrators responsible for the  fraud.  Our  services  have  a global reach and we are leaders in our industry. With our reports, you have the best chance of recovering your assets and to recover lost funds.

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Steps to take to recover your lost funds

File a formal complaint – This is the first step in stopping the fraudsters, and the complaint should be filed with a financial authority. Your very first step to getting help and to recover lost funds.

Provide all fraud documentation – When it comes to uncovering investment fraud or recovering lost funds, it’s important to gather  as  much  evidence  and  information  as possible. While you still remember what happened, set a timeline and gather documents and information that will make it easier to report or investigate the fraud. This data can help support your claim in helping you to recover lost funds

Hire a professional recovery company – It is usually a recommended and advisable solution to hire the services of a professional recovery company like Detechgeek to assist you with the recovery process so as to recover your lost funds.

Change your behavior and build your resistance to fraud – Don’t blame yourself for being taken advantage of. Often, routine activities cause people to become targets, and when they return to those activities, the process can begin again. These routine activities may include being active in investor social media groups or chat rooms, commenting on videos, signing up for trading quotes, special offers, free giveaways or investor newsletters. While the exact numbers are not known because scams often go unreported, victims are usually taken advantage of more than once.

These tips are just one way to prevent these scams. The scam is usually discovered by the cessation of all communication or the disappearance of funds. Immediate action is important to maximize recovery opportunities. If you need help to recover lost funds, contact us.

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