Bobby Lashley set for pivotal rematch with Sheamus


WWE Champion Bobby Lashley prepares to take on Shimus on Raw

Everything is ready for Bobby Lashleycollision of WrestleMania with Drew McIntyre

But first, the WWE champion will take on McIntyre’s nemesis, Sheamus, tonight in a no-title match on Raw at 8/7 C on the USA Network.

The numbers in battles will heat up after a heavy physical encounter last week. in which the Almighty won… Only three weeks left until WrestlemaniaLashley will undoubtedly be keen to send a decisive message to the show’s opponent McIntyre.

Meanwhile, Sheamus removed 24 hours from barbaric match without rules against McIntyre. While the Celtic warrior pushed MacIntyre to the limit in a grueling war, King Claymore was victorious.

Still resentful that McIntyre got the WrestleMania opportunity he longed for, can Shamus prove he was overlooked? Or will the Almighty once again work his way to victory?


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