Brian Kendrick returns to the ring to challenge Harland


Terrifying Harland has left a trail of bodies behind it since its debut.

After the destruction of Guru Raaj, Harland could only be tamed Joe Gacy… When a couple is taken out of the arena, WWE Coach Brian Kendrick made the terrible mistake of putting his hand on Harland, to which Harland responded by knocking Kendrick down the stairs.

Harland and Gacy made a public apology last Tuesday, but Kendrick didn’t accept. Instead, the former heavyweight champion decided to settle scores in the ring.

Kendrick will compete for the first time in a year. Will veteran Kendrick have something to show the newcomer, or will Harland’s strength be too great?

Tune in at 8/7 C on Tuesday at NXT 2.0 in the US to find out!


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