Cameron Grimes bests LA Knight to take Million Dollar Title to the moon!!!


Cameron Grimes def. LA Knight will be the million dollar champion
Cameron Grimes‘Travel to the Moon gets back on track and gets a little richer after The Technical Savage is defeated La knight win the million dollar championship.

Grimes fought for the over a million dollar title at NXT TakeOver 36. He fought to free himself from the clutches of the LA Knight and retain the WWE Hall of Fame. “Man in a Million” Ted DiBiase become a knight’s butler. Dressed in sequined shorts reminiscent of DiBiase, Fire Grimes followed Knight right from the start. In the end, Knight cut off his opponent, which brought the match to a complete halt.

However, Grimes cannot be stopped that night. This must have scared Knight a little. The champion had won his title in the ring and looked like he was about to crush Grimes with it. But DiBiase distracted Knight by leading the champion to the ring, where the WWE Hall of Fame pinned him down with his right hand and stamped his Million Dollar Dream trademark. DiBiase pushed Knight back into the ring, right in the Cave-In from Grimes on a count of three, crowning the new million dollar champion!


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