Can Johnny Gargano survive a Steel Cage Match against Bronson Reed?


Johnny Gargano Stakes NXT North America Title Against Bronson Reed In Steel Cage Match

Bronson Reed has been licking his chops for weeks now, waiting for another opportunity to become the North American NXT champion. The Colossal Superstar will finally have its chance at the NXT next week, and it will enter a steel cage.

Reed will challenge Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American title next Tuesday night at 8/7 C in the USA

The Colossal One earned this rematch by defeating Austin’s theory last month. Reed lost his previous match against Gargano at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, although Gargano had a significant lead with Reed on the night after the grueling Gauntlet Eliminator.

Now, at Reed’s personal request after a sneaky behind-the-scenes ambush by Gargano and Theory, he will get his hands on a champion inside a steel cage.

Although Gargano constantly found ways to preserve the gold, escaping this challenge proved to be his most impressive act. Can Reed end Johnny Wrestling’s third reign as North American NXT champion?


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