Can you consume CBD before a driving test?

Now that CBD comes in gummies, oils, vapes, and juices, the customer base for CBD is expanding across the globe. It is widely used as an alternative to traditional medicines. It effectively treats health problems like anxiety, epilepsy, depression, mood swings, etc. Cannabidiol is one essential component of the cannabis plant and is legal for manufacturing and sale. You can buy it from any pharmacy, dispensary, grocery store, and gas station. Many people presume CBD is a reason for impaired driving and car crashes. Popular potent Sativa like Full spectrum CBD does not affect the person’s ability to drive.

Revelations about effects of CBD on driving

The Cannabis plant is composed of numerous cannabinoids titled by different names. Each cannabinoid is unique and differs from the other extract of the plant in property and traits. Marijuana is known to stone people with its hallucinogenic effects. The THC extract has derived these psychoactive effects from marijuana. The people who report experiencing imbalance and impaired driving after consuming the Cannabis extract are often the THC buyers. The FDA permitted cannabis products not to contain more than 0.3% TetrahydroCannabidiol. People should know the difference between the different extracts of the plant and that the high effect comes from the THC-infused products.

CBD is one of the most vital compounds of the hemp plant. A recent study showed that the intoxicating element in cannabinoids causes driving impairment. This intoxicating element is THC which alters the normal functioning of the brain. Marijuana’s high effects are all present in THC. Although cannabinoid is also one compound of the same plant, the impacts are different. CBD affects the brain differently by enhancing cognition and memory of the brain. Unlike THC, it has anti-anxiety and anti-epileptic effects. Anecdotally cannabis products are cited as the second reason for driving under influence cases. A research letter of 2018 showed 12% higher chances of car crashes after consuming THC.

The long-term use of THC may lead to a disturbed driving impairment in people. The impairment could be the same as the alcoholic drivers. If you drive after taking a low dose of CBD with negligible THC, there is no ill effect on your driving skills. You can drive safely and with a focused mind after taking cannabinoids. In another study, a driving test gathered 26 young people who took marijuana in the past week. There was no case of rash drive on the one-hour test. For recreational purposes, people usually take approximately 0.5% of marijuana. The high effect of marijuana is seen in people trying it for the first time. For every person, the effect varies with their tolerance.

Drowsy Driving and DUI Laws

Drowsy driving concerns the sedative effects of marijuana and not particularly with cannabinoids. The sedative effects come with high doses and weak tolerance of the person. Usually, people in America take marijuana once every two weeks. It helps them improve their sleep, reduce day-to-day work stress, find relief from joint pain, and many other uses. It is an intoxicating herb that does not alter their senses. There is no direct linkage between road accidents, car crashes, and the consumption of Cannabidiol. Most road accidents link with the consumption of opioids like Trazodone, Zolpidem, and Temazepam. CBD has mild effects on people, and it alone is not responsible for drowsy driving.

Driving under the influence is an offense in many states. The DUI laws restrict people from driving after taking THC-infused products. The laws prohibit people from driving after taking controlled substances or drugs. The drugs alter the sense of a person and make them unfocused. It puts the person driving the vehicle in danger. This loss of concentration can become a reason for accidents and loss of life. However, CBD is no longer on the list of controlled substances, and thus it is not harmful to the people before a drive. The CBD products contain no more than 0.3% of THC. Therefore the CBD products become eligible for use before going on a drive. A few nanograms of THC will not make you high and get you out of control. The best practice for the drivers will be to take Cannabidiol in legalized dosage without exceeding your tolerance. Further, you should avoid taking CBD in high doses before appearing for a drug or driving test.

Does CBD hamper your driving test?

Cannabidiol uplifts your mood, boosts energy, and sharpens your concentration with a mild dosage. It does not influence your driving skills with a small dosage and make you an impaired driver. It interacts with the internal endocannabinoid system of the body and activates the cannabinoid receptors enhancing their functioning. It changes the chemistry in the brain and exerts more effort on serotonin production. The hormone serotonin reduces anxiety and gives you a sense of clarity. CBD improves the neurotransmission in your brain. It causes the receptors to work more efficiently.

Thus it does not impair your driving skills at all. However, some people may suffer from a few side effects with the overdose of Cannabidiol. The side effects include low blood pressure, headache, sleeplessness, reduced appetite, and fatigue. These side effects could be crucial when you are up for a drive. Taking a small dose of CBD before driving will be appreciable. To be on the safer side, avoid taking CBD before going out on a drive and before a driving test. The effects will not show on your driving performance, but you might get caught in a Driving under the influence offense. Conversely, with large doses, you are at high risk of sedatives.


Cannabidiol has become a well-known drug and term for people today. Over this period, it has gained a big market and won people’s trust with its multiple healing properties. People use CBD and its product for small to severe medical problems. It has only positive effects on the people and negligible side effects. Rarely do people face some side effects which happen with overdosing. The hallucination in cannabis derivatives comes from the presence of THC. The concentration of THC is kept low in Cannabidiol, and thus it is not a psychoactive compound. It is safe to consume Cannabidiol before a driving test or when going out for a drive. Take a small dose of CBD to avoid risks and legal issues.

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