Choosing a Singapore Dentist for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

While most teeth are formed before the age of eighteen in most people, wisdom teeth are usually formed later, often after the age of twenty. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth that are formed in the mouth, and in many cases, they are not properly formed. Often one or more wisdom tooth can be very painful, especially if it is growing at an angle. Additionally, the impacted tooth can also damage the other teeth in the mouth since the infection can spread to the other healthy teeth, so often the dentist will advise removal of the wisdom tooth at the earliest.


Toothaches are extremely painful compared to other health problems. In addition to making it difficult to eat properly, toothache will often make it difficult to sleep at night. Some of the reasons why young people who wish to have their wisdom tooth removed should search for the dentist offering best wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore are discussed. Tooth extraction is a complicated procedure and in some cases, if the dentist makes a mistake, healthy teeth in the mouth may get damaged.

Additionally, a competent dentist will be able to greatly reduce the pain the patient experiences during the tooth extraction.

Wisdom tooth

Compared to the extraction of other teeth, the extraction of one or more wisdom tooth is far more complicated due to multiple reasons. The wisdom tooth is located at the back of the mouth, due to which it is far more difficult for the dentist to access the tooth which is being extracted. In some cases, the patient may be having a problem with lockjaw due to which he or she may not be able to keep the mouth open for long easily. In these cases, the dentist may require special tools or skills to ensure that the tooth is extracted properly without causing other dental complications.

Extraction method

Usually, most teeth that are easily accessible can be removed using simple tooth removal. However, for molars and wisdom teeth, it may not be possible for the dentist to remove the teeth using conventional extraction techniques since part of the tooth and roots remain in the mouth. In this case, surgical tooth removal, in which an incision is made to remove the tooth is required. The procedure for removing the tooth surgically is more complicated and only a well-trained dental surgeon should be hired. The cost of tooth removal surgically is often up to ten times costlier than simple tooth removal.


While many people would prefer to get their wisdom teeth extracted by the dentist located closest to their residence or workplace, it is advisable to check the reviews of the dentist for multiple reasons. The extraction of wisdom teeth is a fairly complicated procedure and if the dentist is not skilled or makes a mistake, the patient is likely to bleed for a longer time. Dental mistakes can increase the time taken for the wound to heal or cause other dental problems. Additionally extracting wisdom teeth is one of the more expensive dental procedures, so patients should hire the best dentist they can afford. 


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