Ciampa reigns supreme while Toxic Attraction takes over


Toxic Attraction climb Scareway to Hell at Ladder Match: WWE NXT, October 26, 2021.

Gigi Dolin and Jaycee Jane of Toxic Attraction rose to the top by defeating Io Shirai, Zoe Stark, Persia Pirotta and Indy Hartwell in the NXT Women’s Team Titles in a Scareway to Hell Ladder triple threat match. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Gigi Valleys & Jaycee Jane rose to become NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions

Gigi Dolin and Jaycee Jane of Toxic Attraction have surpassed all expectations and surpassed Io Shirai, Zoe Stark, Persia Pirotta and Indy Hartwell to earn the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles in a harsh Triple Threat Scareway to Hell Ladder match.

Shirai and Stark, Hartwell and Pirotta worked together to keep Toxic Attraction from gaining momentum in the match, but the truce did not last long as Hartwell eventually found herself exchanging blows with Stark at the top of the stairs. Stark almost had titles in hand after knocking Hartwell off the ladder and out of the ring, but Pirotta jumped into the fight and pushed the ladder, sending Stark, who landed on the top rope with his feet, leaping onto the rest of the contestants. standing outside the ring.

Pirotta then leveled anyone who stepped into the ring trying to climb the stairs until Jane turned around to send her face down the stairs. However, Jane was briefly safe when Shirai reappeared to blow her up on the stairs before launching a devastating lunar assault.

It all ended in chaos as each superstar sent each other up the stairs in an attempt to gain the upper hand. It looked like Hartwell would triumph after knocking Shirai off the top of the ladder and up another ladder, but before she could unfasten the titles, Dolin jumped up and delivered a powerful punch to send Hartwell flying and capture the Tag Team title for Toxic. … Sights.

Joe Gacy Calms Harland to Stop Defeating Malik Blade: WWE NXT, October 26, 2021

Joe Gacy knows how to calm the mysterious Harland, prevent him from attacking Malik Blade so that Gacy can win. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Joe Gacy def. Malik Blade

Joe Gacy has problems with Halloween, but he stepped into the ring to make Halloween Havoc more inclusive and convey a positive message to his opponent Malik Blade.

After Gacy sent Blade flying into the ring, Harland stormed the ring and grabbed Blade. Before the referee could stop the match, Gacy calmed Harland, who eventually freed Blade from his clutches.

When the match resumed, Gacy tied a clothesline to a spring-loaded strap on his back to lay out the Pin Blade.

Odyssey Jones Answers Diamond Mine: WWE NXT Open Challenge October 26, 2021

After being challenged by Diamond Mine, Odysseus Jones responds by challenging Roderick Strong to a one-on-one match. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Roderick Strong def. Odysseus Jones

The biggest night of the year deserved the biggest opportunity, and Diamond Mine set itself an open challenge to take on anyone. Out of it came Odysseus Jones, who happily accepted the offer to play heads-up with NXT Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong.

Strong looked to have two wins in a row after winning 205 Live, but he bumped into a brick wall again, that is, Jones. After tossing the champion, the numbers game eventually caught up with Jones when The Creed Brothers jumped on an apron to distract themselves.

Unfortunately for Julius and Brutus, Jones was ready and trained his tag teammates to get them out of the ring, but a red herring allowed Strong to surprise Jones with a knee to the jaw for victory.

Mandy Rose def. Raquel Gonzalez To Win NXT Women’s Title Following Dakota Kai’s Surprise Attack

The battle for the NXT Women’s Championship was not decided by the wheel, nor by Chucky, who turned the match into a trick or a street brawl. Instead, Dakota Kai attacked Gonzalez with a shovel, allowing Mandy Rose to take advantage.

The contempt between Big Mami Cool and the Toxic Attraction leader came to the full when they started hitting each other right as the first bell rang with sticks and Kendo chairs. Rose thought she pinned Gonzalez after pinning her in the chair and giving her a serious knee kick, but she was unable to pull the champion into the ring.

Coming out of the chair, Gonzalez disorientated Rose by spraying her with a fire extinguisher, lifting her back into the ring and dropping her face forward over the tower of chairs for two counts.

The two continued to trade on the brink of falling after Big Mami Cool poked Rose across the table. As Gonzalez came to the end of the match, a mysterious hooded figure appeared outside the ring and stabbed the champion in the back with a shovel. On her knees, Gonzalez was in a great position for Rose to cash in on the knee to win the NXT Women’s Championship.

After Rose left with her prize, a hooded figure stood over Gonzalez to reveal himself as Kai.

Imperium is on a mission to reclaim dignity for the NXT Tag Team Championship: WWE NXT, October 26, 2021.

Imperium made the mat sacred again by defeating MSK in the Lumber Jack O’Lantern match for the NXT Tag Team titles. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Imperium def. MSK return NXT Tag Team Championship

The wheel of fate turned and decided that the NXT Tag Team would be defended in the Lumberjack O’Lantern match between MSK and Imperium.

Marcel Bartel and Fabian Eichner demonstrated their power by limiting the action to the square of the circle to thwart the highly professional MSC attack.

After repelling a barrage from the MSC, the Imperium prepared to detonate the Imperial bomb, but Nash Carter threw Eichner out of the ring at sunset to block him. When Bartel was on the top rope, Wes Lee ran across the ring to haul him, but Bartel swerved to the side for Lee to fly into the pile of lumberjacks below. Bartel wanted to increase the damage, but Carter jumped up, grabbed him from behind and knocked the flying neck crowbar to the floor.

The battered teams returned to the square circle as all chaos erupted inside and outside the ring. The two teams exchanged blows, but the Imperium prevailed with a penalty kick to Carter, followed by the Imperial Bomb and Lee.

Tommaso Champa kept NXT Championship against Bron Breaker

Bron Breaker had Tommaso Champa weeks before their match to make sure the NXT champion got into Halloween at full strength, but as the bell rang, all friendships ended as Breaker was parachuting the champion.

Breaker looked far from new in his first title match, but Blackheart was well prepared and pushed the tables to the upstart with a knee in the corner. Experienced Champa continued to restrain Breaker with Willow’s Bell and a jumping knee to the jaw, but he could only hold him for two counts.

The champion did not let up, giving everything he had to keep Breaker, including DDT on the exposed concrete outside of the ring, followed by the Fairy Finale, but it still wasn’t enough as Breaker was out in two.

Stunned, Champa dropped three straight knees and another Fairy Ending to keep Breaker forever.


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