Comparing Trendy Card Games: Poker vs Teen Patti

Poker is probably one of the best-loved card games out there, and it’s not hard to see why. Cards have been around for ages, and they’ve always been a way for people to have fun and compete with each other. People have been playing cards all over the world, no matter what their culture or age. But what are the rules and what are the differences between Teen Patti and Poker game? Let’s find out!


Poker rules: Must know pointers for beginners

Poker is an awesome game of chance and luck that can be played in any casino, home, or online. It’s usually played with a pack of 52 cards, and you can play with two to ten people or more depending on the game.

Poker is known for its strategic depth along with various variations. The most popular variation is Texas Hold’em which is played in almost all regions of the world. 

  • The main target of poker is to win poker chips or poker money by either having the best hand at the showdown or convincing your opponents to fold. 
  • Players must be aware of the sequence of rankings from the highest to the lowest, right from the Ace to the 10 of the same suit. 
  • Poker also involves several rounds of betting and players also have the option of raising, folding, calling, or checking.
  • Players use the combination of community cards with their two hole cards which are kept face down which can give the best possible hand outcome. 
  • The last stage is Showdown, in case there are two or more players left after betting the final round, they reveal their hand and the best one with the best hands wins the pot. 


Teen-patti rules: Necessary pointers to be known

Indian Poker, also known as Teen patti and is popularly played in India and South Asia is basically a lighter and easier version of poker. Here are some of the basic yet necessary teen patti rules

  • Just like the game of poker, teen patti players also aim to win more and more poker chips and money. Players have to compete to win the best three- hand round.  
  • Unlike poker, the hand rankings of the teen patti is much simpler than the complex ranking system of poker.
  • Teen patti players are also provided with a chance of betting where they have the choice to either bet or fold their hands. 
  • A fixed boot amount is added to the pot before each hand starts and increases the stakes.


Comparison between the two- 

On the basis of the rules discussed above, here is a comparative study on the basis of both the games, Poker and Teen Patti.

Teen Patti  Poker
  • It is quite simple as compared to the game of poker.
  • Strategies are not very intricate.
  • It has more complex hand rankings.
  • Allows a wider range of possible hands.
  • It relies on only three cards which are dealt together.
  • Poker has the option of community cards.
  • It can change the outcome dramatically.
  • In teen patti, Bluffing is less prevalent. 
  • It involves strategic bluffing where players try to mislead the opponents.
  • Teen patti originated in India.
  •  It is a social game played at gatherings and festivals.
  • Poker has a more global presence.
  • It is oftenly played in casinos and online platforms as well. 


Concluding it!

Players of all skill levels can enjoy the fun and challenge of either Poker game or Teen Patti. If you’re looking to get into card-playing, these two games are the perfect way to do it! Whether you’re into the high-stakes of Poker or the subtle nuances and cultural significance of Teen Patti, you’ll have a blast! So get your pals together, mix it up, and let the games begin!

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