Corporal Kirchner passes away


We regret to learn that Michael Penzel, better known as Corporal Kirchner and beloved by fans around the world, passed away yesterday at the age of 64. We sincerely think of his family, friends and those who suffered from his death.

After serving as a paratrooper in the US Army, Kirchner met with Hulk Hogan working in the gym and starting to pave the way for an incredible career in sports and entertainment. After debuting as RT Reynolds, Penzel began acting as Corporal Kirchner and participated in an unforgettable rivalry with Nikolay Volkov… The battle is over Flag Kirchner wins match at WrestleMania 2

Following his WWE performance, Kirchner traveled the world participating in Stampede, NJPW, UWF, W * ING and other promotions. Kirchner would later appear inside the square of the circle as Leatherface and retire in 2007.


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