Damian Priest takes on Dolph Ziggler in Championship Contender’s Match


Damian Priest is a wrestling champion but this time looking for a good old fashioned beatdown when he takes on Dolph Ziggler in the US Championship Candidates Match.

The priest had already taken care of one half of The Dirty Dawgs when Robert Rood answered his open challenge two weeks ago, but after getting rid of Big Bob, Ziggler made his way into the ring to deliver a surprise super-hit to the champion.

The Archer of dishonor received no retribution the following week, as the Dirty Dogs made swift retribution, breaking the priest’s amazing union with Finn Balor.

Connect on Monday Night Raw to see if Priest can finally punish Ziggler for his cheap shot, or if The Dirty Dawgs find a way to steal a US 8/7 C win.


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