David Osborne Bryant Accident The beginning of the life of Bryant

The number of fatalities continues to rise day by day. Every second, there are more and more people who die. The David Osborne Bryant Accident is one of those incidents which has broken many hearts across the nation. In the United States, on average there are over 6 million accidents that occur each year, which is a pretty huge number.

I believe that the population is becoming increasingly reckless, and some of them are causing horrific accidents as a result. Read the entire article to find out more information about David Bryant.

The beginning of the life of Bryant

It should be noted that Bryant was born on the 5th of April 1967 in Texas, however, he spent the majority of his time in Lampasas.  David Osborne Bryant was killed in the David Osborne Bryant accident on July 29, 2021. He was accompanied by his dog Bolo.

Lampasas Independent School District was his school of choice. Academically, he was outstanding, but he also excelled in football, art, and music. He graduated from Lampasas High School in 1985. His first job was as a cleaner at Modern Cleaners, then he went to work for Williams House. Later, he attended Devry University in New York. After moving to Dallas, he worked in information technology. His first wife wife wife, Paulette Shehee, was his first wife. He also served as a correction officer for TDCJ.

David Osborne Bryant Accident

Bryant passed away on the 9th of July 2021, on a Thursday, at the age of 54 , in Lampasas with his dog Bolo who was a dog he owned at the time. A visitation with family and friends was held at Sneed Funeral Chapel on the morning of Friday, the 6th of August 2021. A funeral service was held at the same location at approximately 2:00 p.m. on Saturday,   August 7th, 2021, which was a Saturday, after the burial ceremony of the deceased at Oak Hill Cemetery.

It was in the year 2018 that Bryant was preceded in death by his dad. David O. Bryant Sr and David O. Bryant Jr both passed away along with their dog. This was a devastating loss for the Bryant family, friends, and loved ones. The accident that happened to David Osborne Bryant broke the hearts of many members of his family, but his soul still lives on in the hearts of all those who loved him. There is a saying that says the body dies, but the soul lives on.


A thorough review of Bryant’s life end up leading us to the conclusion that Bryant passed away too early so that Bryant would have been able to live a longer life and could be able to do more for others through his compassion, kindness, and affection for those he loved and for his family. Listed below are more details about David Bryant that can be found on this page.

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