Desert Safari Dubai Finding the Best Safari in Dubai

Dubai has a lot of great things, but nothing defines the city as much as the vast, beautiful desert. There’s a lot to do in the desert safari in Dubai, from dunes to desert camps, camel rides to quad biking, and sandboarding. This is why you need to find the best desert safari in Dubai to see the best of traditional Dubai.

Today, Dubai desert safaris are among the most popular things to do in the area. The experiences and activities on these safaris, which take place in different places around Dubai, can’t be beaten. There are so many desert safaris to choose from that it can be hard to pick the right one. So, our guide to desert safaris in Dubai is here to help you choose the right one. Let’s begin.

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What is a safari in the desert?

Dubai is lucky enough to have huge, endless deserts with many dunes that both locals and tourists can enjoy. But what we think of as recreation today isn’t just something fun to do; it’s also a tradition that tells us more about how people used to live in the desert.

You will be taken home and taken to Dubai’s magical desert. At the desert camp, you can do a lot of different things. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from Sheesha to falconry, camel riding to sandboarding, belly dancing to a buffet dinner.

How to Choose the Right Dubai Desert Safari

Some people like the thrill of quad biking through the dunes, while others prefer a quiet night under the stars in Dubai’s cold desert. Some of you might be early risers who want to see the sun come up, while others wish to do belly dancing, Tanura dancing, and nine yards. We are here to help you find the perfect one Dubai Desert Safari for your interests.

When is the Best Time?

Desert safaris happen at different times of the day in Dubai. To taste the desert’s excitement, you can go on morning safaris that focus primarily on adventure sports like dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking. Along with adventure activities, evening safaris offer things like buffet dinners, shows, henna tattoos, and maybe even the chance to sleep under the stars.


Adventure Levels

Not all desert safaris have exciting things to do, but the ones that do are the ones that everyone wants to go on. But a desert safari also has a softer, more traditional side. You can relax in a desert camp as the sun sets over the dunes, try on formal Arabic dresses, get a temporary henna tattoo on your hand, smoke some sheesha, and eat a delicious dinner. Before buying tickets, you should know what kind you want to see.


A trip is only a success if you can see and do everything it offers without going over your budget. Look for tours on sale if you want to make the most of your trip to the Dubai desert. For example, Headout, an online service that helps people find fun things to do and places to go in Dubai, has great deals on many desert-themed activities.

Package Deals

Are you going to Dubai for the first time, or do you want to see more of the city and learn more about it? You could choose a package that lets you go on a desert safari, take a cruise on a traditional dhow in Dubai, and go to At the Top-Burj Khalifa. If you want to do more than just a desert safari, you should choose a package that lets you see and do more and saves you money on different activities.

A typical desert safari in Dubai

Even though each Desert safari is different, some things happen in all of them. From driving over dunes in specially made buggies to eating a delicious meal while belly dancers perform and sleeping under the stars, a desert safari in Dubai offers a truly fantastic range of experiences and activities.


You may be wondering how you’ll get to the Dubai desert, but almost all Desert Safari Tours (nearly 99 percent) include transportation to the campsite. The travel agent’s driver will pick you up from your home or hotel and return you after the experience. Since the vehicle is taken care of, all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself.

Adventure Is Fun

On an outdoor adventure in Dubai, you can do dune bashing, sandboarding, riding a dune buggy, going on a wildlife safari, or even riding a camel. If you like the thrill of riding an ATV on the smooth dessert, you can also go quad biking.

Dubai’s Food

Desert safaris in Dubai offer a wide range of traditional activities, mostly a buffet dinner and a show. As night falls, enjoy a delicious dinner buffet while belly dancers, a Tanura dance, a puppet and horse dance, or even a fire dance keep you entertained.


Sunrise or Sunset

One can also choose between a desert safari at night or during the day; both are great. When you go on a morning safari, you can see a golden sunrise. On an evening safari, you can see the sundown behind the dunes.

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