Devlin clashes with Kushida in non-title action


NXT Heavyweight Champion Jordan Devlin Faces Kushida In A Non-Title Bout

Jordan Devlin strives to prove he is the best under 205 pound athlete the WWE has ever seen. This Wednesday night, he will test himself against one of the most accomplished superstars in the world.

The self-proclaimed “real” NXT Heavyweight Champion will take on Kushida this Wednesday night on NXT at 8/7 C on the US network.

Devlin kept his promise to come to the NXT last week by facing the NXT heavyweight champion. Santos Escobar before delivering a decisive blow to the head and Devlin’s side.

Kushida, who excelled in last year’s NXT Heavyweight Championship won by Escobar, will be a tough test for The Irish Ace. And you can bet Escobar will be keeping a close eye on what is happening.


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