Does my health insurance remain valid if I move abroad?

Getting health insurance for yourself is a way to ensure that you are protected financially in times of emergencies as valid health insurance can help in settling hospital and other medical-related bills. There are various types of health insurance one can get in India that give different types of coverage. It is important for you to undertake thorough research to choose the best health insurance policy for you. However, what happens to your insurance and coverage if you move outside India? Is there any geographical limit to the coverage provided by the health insurance policy? Read on to know more.

Is your health insurance valid outside India?

People often relocate outside India for study, leisure or for work purposes. Getting health insurance in India protects you when an emergency situation arises. But what happens when such a situation arises when you are outside the geographical borders of the country? Will you still be eligible to file a claim?

The answer to the above question is dependent on the insurance policy that you are equipped with. Many insurance policy companies provide global health coverage for the policyholders. Global coverage refers to the coverage that is extended beyond the borders of India. In such situations, even if the emergency arises when you are outside the country, you can file a claim for reimbursement. The catch is that most insurance companies provide global coverage as an add-on, which you can opt for by paying an extra amount as the premium.

Does the type of health insurance policy affect global coverage?

Most of the benefit-based health insurance policies such as critical insurance policy or personal accident cover generally do have global coverage included in the policy. In the case of critical health insurance, the insurance company gives you a certain lump sum amount at the start and this amount may be spent either in India or abroad.

Should you cancel your health insurance when you move abroad?

It is recommended that you cancel your health insurance policy if it only provides domestic coverage as you will not be able to raise a claim anyway. Instead of undertaking wasteful expenditure of keeping the domestic plan valid, you can choose the best health insurance plan of the country you are moving to. In fact, many of the countries have made it mandatory for you to have a valid health insurance policy of that country while you file for getting the visa. This ensures that you are financially protected even if you are outside the country.

No matter what your geographical location is, it is important that you are always financially secure. With health insurance, you can rest assured that in dire situations you will have the support you need to recover without any stress of money. Health insurance ensures that you and your family are taken care of in times of medical need. To know more about health insurance, click here!

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