Does Roofr have Roofing Software?

Roofing is among the most dangerous industries. A simple mistake could cause tools and heavy materials to fall off a roof, leading to serious accidents and injuries. As a result, roofing contractors should use every method possible to avoid excessive physical exertion. 

Software, in particular, can help with installing and replacing roofs more efficiently. After all, roofing contractors are always searching for ways to improve their companies and streamline their processes. These ways need to be efficient, simple, and productive. In this regard, the most efficient method for growing your business is through roofing software.   

Roofr is one of the top roofing software platforms on the market. This fantastic software platform helps roofers perform their duties more efficiently. It also improves the quality of work done and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

What is Roofr?

Roofr is one of the most trusted roofing software companies in the industry. Since its inception in 2016, it has grown enormously. Currently, thousands of roofers are enjoying this tool’s impressive features—and it’s no surprise why.

The company is constantly checking customer satisfaction to ensure their services are high-quality. The platform and the company encourage creativity and engagement in activities that align with its mission. Their stated mission is to ensure each home has an affordable roof.

What are the benefits of using Roofr software?

  • Cost saving – Roofr streamlines the activities of your business. You can create estimates more efficiently, manage your projects, and see how they progress. This prevents you from making mistakes that could drain your company’s finances.
  • Top-notch quality work – Roofing contractors can get accurate and precise measurements that significantly impact their calculations. By eliminating measurement errors, roofers can deliver a higher standard of work.
  • Customer satisfaction – Roofer quotes become favorable to both parties. Additionally, a roofer can check the project’s progress to inform the customer. This ensures transparency and builds stronger customer relationships, increasing the chances that the customer will return in the future and even refer their friends.
  • Create invoices – Roofr helps roofers come up with invoices requesting payment for a job well done. With the invoice, the customer can easily understand the services they are paying for and the exact amount they’ll need to give.
  • Helps a client choose the best materials – Roofr contains a list of roofing materials in its database. This goes a great way in ensuring that you choose a durable roof that perfectly fits the area’s climatic conditions.
  • 3D view – This outstanding tool helps roofers get a glimpse of what their final roof will look like before roofing starts. The client can also suggest modifications to the plan if they are still unhappy with the current design.

How can I begin using Roofr?

While using Roofr, you don’t need prior training. The interface is self-explanatory and usable.


  1. Visit the Roofr website.
  2. Enter in a registered email and password in the text boxes that show up. (You can sign up if this is your first time using this service.)
  3. Select the service of your choice from the user dashboard.
  4. Enjoy this software’s unmatched service. Begin generating estimates and project schedules.

Do you need experience to start a roofing business?

If you are passionate about roofing and want to venture into roofing without experience, all you need is some training and the perfect roofing software. For more step by step instructions on how to go about it, read Roofr’s guide on How to Start a Roofing Company with No Experience.

Their software is excellent for those starting in the roofing business for the following reasons:

  • Simple interface – As a new roofer without experience, you’ll need software that you can easily understand.
  • Many comprehensive features – This tool has many features, such as a material calculator, cost estimation, and project management on one platform. This makes it simple, as you don’t have to work between multiple platforms to complete a task.
  • Perfect proposal – As a new contractor, you may need occasional reminders on how to draft a great proposal. This platform helps you prepare proposals that will win you jobs.
  • It is compatible – You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. The platform is cloud-based, and you can launch it on any device. However, you must provide your credentials to gain access.
  • GPS incorporation – While starting your roofing career, you may not know specific places where your customers reside. With GPS, you will get to the exact location without failure.
  • Satellite imagery – With this feature, you can visualize a prediction for the final roof before the project begins. This allows you to make rectifications if the client needs some changes to the design.
  • Roofing materials – Roofr has many roofing materials from which you can decide the best materials for a project.

How does Roofr streamline business operations?

Roofr streamlines your company’s operations by automating core processes, including acquiring a customer, scheduling tasks for team members, project management, invoicing, and payments. This reduces the amount of overhead you have to do and allows you to focus on developing other areas of your business. 

The platform essentially replaces the manual processes of a business’ operations, which would normally be prone to errors.

Final thoughts

Roofr is the most popular and the best software platform in the roofing industry for a reason. Thousands of roofers use it today since its efficiency in speeding up roofing processes is unmatchable. 

Additionally, it has many features available for you to use. Its prices are friendly, and it’s easily usable. Use this tool, and I’m positive you will never consider migrating to another roofing platform.

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