Dominic DeNucci passes away


WWE is saddened to learn that Dominic DeNucci has passed away at the age of 89.

DeNucci was born in Venice, Italy and blazed a trail in wrestling across the globe. From the start of his career in Canada, Australia, Japan and the US Midwest, DeNucci made his New York debut with the WWE in 1967. As a result of an impressive pairing with Bruno Sammartino, the two Italian wrestlers won the WWE International Team Championship in 1971. DeNucci would later win the WWE World Team Championship alongside Victor Rivera and Dino Bravo. He repeatedly challenged the inauguration of Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson before the end of his 15-year WWE appearance.

After leaving the competition, DeNucci became a famous coach. DeNucci has especially trained Mick Foley, Spot Moonhound, Shane Douglas, and others.

WWE expresses its condolences to DeNucci’s family, friends and fans.


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