FAQs about WWE Network’s move to Peacock


If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read recent announcement about Peacock and WWE Network’s exciting US partnership

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How to stream Fastlane on March 21st?
Fastlane will be available on the Peacock and WWE Network in the US for subscribers to either of these services. Starting March 18, you can subscribe to Peacock to watch the WWE network, including Fastlane.

How to stream WrestleMania on April 10 and 11?
In the United States, WrestleMania will be streamed exclusively through Peacock. Outside the US, continue streaming through the WWE network or your local ISP if possible.

Am I currently a WWE subscriber? What should I do?
Peacock will be the exclusive home for WWE Network streaming from April 5th. In the meantime, you can continue to watch directly on the WWE network if you have an active subscription. You can also create a Peacock account to stream WWE Network on Peacock starting March 18th.

Will my WWE Network subscription automatically migrate to Peacock?
No, your WWE Network subscription will not automatically migrate to Peacock. To continue using WWE Network content after your WWE Network subscription expires, register with Peacock.

Once I lose access to the WWE Network, will I receive credit for my account balance?
Yes. We will list the portion of your subscription that cannot be used after the WWE Network US standalone app has gone down.

  • For gift card subscribers, this will be an exchange program where you can choose from 300+ gift cards.

  • For credit card, debit card or PayPal subscribers, credit will be credited to the same payment method that was billed.

  • For Apple or Roku subscribers, the credit will be returned to your Apple or Roku account.

What about these other WWE Gift Cards I bought? What can I do about it?
The WWE Network is now on Peacock. As a result, you can no longer redeem your WWE Network Gift Card for a subscription.

Don’t worry, WWE Network has partnered with InComm Incentives to provide you credit that can be redeemed with gift cards from hundreds of leading brands, including shops and restaurants, or a public card from American Express or Visa.

This program will be available shortly. For more information, please contact us in the next few days.

Do I have to pay for Peacock in addition to the WWE Network?
No, you only need to subscribe to Peacock.

If I subscribe to Peacock, will I be able to stream the WWE network on WWE Apps?
Not. From April, the WWE US network will only be available through Peacock.

Why can’t I subscribe to the WWE Network?
The WWE network moves to Peacock in the US on March 18, and as a result, new WWE network subscriptions are no longer available directly in the US. Register with Peacock to continue accessing and enjoying WWE content.

Why was my account canceled?
WWE Network is moving to Peacock in the US, so we started preparing for this to happen.

  • US subscribers who purchased through Apple will begin canceling subscriptions on March 18th. Any time remaining prior to these subscriptions will be duly returned to Apple.

  • US subscribers using other payment methods such as Roku, Google, or directly by credit card, debit card, gift card, or PayPal will not renew the subscription on the next day of the billing cycle.

Why is my account showing the end date of my subscription?
We’ve turned off automatic billing for US subscribers. Your account will only remain active until the next billing date. If your next billing date is after April 4th, your subscription will be canceled on April 4th and you will receive credit for the remaining time of your subscription. To continue enjoying WWE content, sign up for Peacock.

I don’t live in the US, but I subscribe to WWE Network directly. How will this affect me?
This is not true. Outside the United States, you can continue to access and enjoy WWE content as you do today.


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