First, we should know about ISACA

It was formerly called the Information Systems Audit and Control Association®, but now it goes by its acronym to better represent the wide variety of IT governance experts we serve. With over 165,000 members globally, ISACA’s membership is one of the most diverse organisations in the world.

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The main purpose

Businesses throughout the globe rely on business technology specialists to achieve the good benefits of technology. When it comes to achieving our Purpose, which is to inspire faith in technology, we have a Promise.

COBIT Certificates

Professionals who have mastered the core ideas and principles of COBIT may earn a number of ISACA certifications. More than 25 years of professional expertise and best practises have been incorporated into ISACACOBIT® ®’s framework, which provides a comprehensive approach to IT governance.

ISACA certification Exams

Summary of the ISACA Certification Program Information on the four ISACA certifications covered in this tutorial is provided below.


This course is for IT/IS auditors, controls, assurances, and security professionals. Experience in IS/IT audit, control, assurance, or security for at least five (5) years An exemption from prior work experience may be granted for a maximum of three years.

Exam languages

China (traditional), English (simplified) and German (simplified). a language other than English


Experts in the design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of IT controls would benefit from this course.

Three (3) or more years of IT risk management and IS control expertise. There will be no exceptions for lack of relevant experience.

Exam language

Chinese, Spanish, and Simplified English


Information security managers, designers, supervisors, and assessors are the target audience for this course.

The candidate must have at least five (5) years of experience in the field of information security management. A two-year waiver for work experience is offered. You can get more information about ISACA.


Enterprise IT governance concepts and practises are taught and used by a broad spectrum of professionals recognised by the CGEIT certification programme.

The Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA), a non-profit organisation, grants the certification “Certification in Information Systems Auditing” (CISA). The purpose of the designation is to establish a universal standard for information systems specialists. It is not simply auditing and control that you may get into. With the CISA certification, you demonstrate your ability to deal with the ever-changing difficulties of today’s business environments.

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