Former ECW competitor New Jack passes away


WWE is saddened to learn that Jerome Young, known to ECW as New Jack, has passed away today at the age of 58.

Thanks to his brutal, competitive style, New Jack was known for pushing the boundaries of tough fighting to the extreme. Young broke into the sports and entertainment network with the Memphis-based U.S. Wrestling Association in 1992. Upon arrival at the Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion, New Jack teamed up with Mustafa Syed to form The Gangstas.

The Gangstas rocked ECW with their debut in 1995, immediately engaging in battle with Public Enemy in one of the promotion’s loudest contenders. New Jack has teamed up with Mustafa and Eliminator John Cronus for several ECW team titles. With a bin filled with homemade weapons and his signature pistol in tow, New Jack became one of ECW’s most popular antiheroes and a sports entertainment thug who courted controversy and chaos in equal measure.

The new Jack left a cultural imprint with Ice Cube and Dr.’s “Natural Born Killaz” Dre as the theme song for the matches. He was also featured on Weezer’s single “El Scorcho” and appeared on the Early Edition and Daily Show television shows.

WWE expresses its condolences to Young’s family and friends.


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