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Free Fire Faded Wheel: How to get new Endless Bullets emote and Woodpecker Red Robster skin




Three faded points are available in Free Fire Indian server. They all contain two main prizes, which increases the value offered through the event as players can get all the items from the prize pool within a certain number of attempts.

The latest add-on contains items on the subject of Money Heist, including durable leather weapons and exclusive emotion. However, like the previous few Faded Wheels, players are not offered a free spin or a discount on the first few draws.

The new Faded Wheel in Free Fire offers skin weapons and emotions

This Faded Wheel was added on December 4th, and the two main prizes are Woodpecker – Red Robber and Emotion Endless Bullets. A total of ten are available in the prize pool. Users must remove two unwanted items and later perform a rotation to get them awards.

Since this is a characteristic of the faded point, when the prize is already received, it will be grayed out and will not be repeated, which makes it easier to take the main prize. As a result, the price of diamonds to spin will also increase.

Faded Wheel Rules (Picture via Free Fire)
Faded Wheel Rules (Picture via Free Fire)

The costs of turning in the Faded Wheel according to the rules of the event are:

Steps to access Faded Wheel in Free Fire

Players have until December 10 to access the event and receive all prizes from Faded Wheel

Step 1: Open Free Fire and tap Luck Royale.

Step 2: Then you need to choose the latest Faded Wheel.

You can make turns after removing items (Image via Free Fire)
You can make turns after removing items (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: You can remove two unwanted items and rotate to get items at random.

The maximum cost to achieve all eight awards, including durable gun skin, pet skin, emotional, backpack and surfboard, is just 1,082 diamonds. This is a great offer for those who want to get items.

Getting gun skin from a crate sometimes costs thousands diamonds, while the legendary emotion in the store costs 599 diamonds. Therefore, the items available at that price are excellent.