Gargano survives Reed’s onslaught to retain NXT North American Title


Surviving a grueling gauntlet fighter on the first night of Stand & Deliver, Bronson Reed gave Johnny Gargano everything he had in pursuit of the NXT title in North America. However, Gargano reigned supreme over the Colossal Superstar.

It was the giant Reed’s strength against the technical prowess of Gargano, who wanted to chop and slash his larger opponent. This included smashing Bronson into the notice table and injuring the ribs.

Reed played powerslam, choke and more, but the injury clearly affected his speed and prevented him from achieving 100% of the results. Throughout the match, Gargano mercilessly focused on the injury to his lower back, performing actions similar to a crushing blow to the back and blocking Gargano’s escape. Although Reed made several devastating maneuvers of his own, including the Monster Suplex and Razor Blade outside the ring, the slower Reed missed out on tsunami moves, mostly due to injury.

Then, shortly after preventing outside interference Austin’s theoryReed was unable to land an incredible moon kick from the top rope and further injured his ribs in the process, allowing Gargano to finally execute a pair of One Final Beats to win.


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