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Genshin Impact guide to continue the investigation at abandoned shrine




In one of the world’s new quests for Genshin Impact, the Traveler must come up with a strange puzzle to continue exploring the shrine.

After clearing the quest, Strange Stories in Konda, the players unlock the continuation of the world quest, Sacrificed Offer. In this story, the Traveler continues to help the mysterious character Kazari, aspiring to the sanctuary.

However, there are spooky creatures in the area and players need to figure out how to communicate with them.

How to solve mysterious shadows in Genshin Impact

In offering the sacrifices, the Traveler goes to an abandoned shrine around the village of Konda. The initial goal is simply to explore the area.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact hint about mysterious shadows (picture via WoW tasks)

In a prominent area on the map, there are several “Mysterious Shadows” that all act like ghosts dressed as virgin shrines. By communicating with the abandoned shrine, players are given a hint of what to do with them.

The three Mysterious Shadows should be gathered in one place. In particular, there are three large statues of Kitsune nearby where the entities are to be.

Target location for Mysterious Shadows (image via Genshin Impact)
Target location for Mysterious Shadows (image via Genshin Impact)

Interaction with the Mysterious Shadow will cause it to disappear and move elsewhere. Players just need to keep doing this until the three are near the Kitsuna statues.

There are several locations for Mysterious Shadows in search of a sacrificial offering. Shadows are sometimes easy to find, standing around the statues and shrines of Kitsune. Some more cunning places to find them are: the roof of the sanctuary and right next to the tree, almost hidden.

After interacting with the shadows in all locations, this part of the quest should be almost complete. Three mysterious shadows will gather three statues of Kitsuna, and three chests will appear here.

In the middle of the chest will be the old text. Taking over this will conclude the investigation of this shrine, and travelers will then have to go to the Great Shrine of Narukami.

Completing the search for sacrificial offering in Genshin Impact

Traveler talks to Inagi Hotomi (picture via ZaFrostPet)
Traveler talks to Inagi Hotomi (picture via ZaFrostPet)

Once the Traveler reaches the great altitudes of the great sanctuary, they should talk to Inagi Hotomi. She will give the Traveler an important device, the Memento Lens.

The passenger will have to use Memento Lens observe the statues of Kitsuna imbued with Electricity. In doing so, they will learn the “holy words” that were also mentioned in the earlier counsels of the abandoned sanctuary.

Scanning a Kitsuna statue using a Memento lens (image via ZaFrostPet)
Scanning a Kitsuna statue using a Memento lens (image via ZaFrostPet)

After pronouncing the sacred words correctly, players will cross to a nearby obstacle. The goal is to destroy the barrier by solving the puzzle and beating the Mysterious Samurai.

With the barrier destroyed, the search for a sacrificial offering will end after a brief dialogue. Genshin Impact will reward players with 40 Primogems and the quest to clean up the dirt will be unlocked.

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