Benefit of buying Google Pixel Chromebook

All those who use Chromebook will find a significant change, in a positive way, in Google Pixel Chromebook. The sleek design with a backlit keyboard and a glass touchpad gives it an aesthetic look and enhances performance. Overall the experience of using this Chromebook is impressive. So, here I am going to share the 8 benefits that you will get while using this best Chromebook by google.

8 Benefits of buying Google Pixel Chromebook


The first thing that a person looks at in a laptop is its performance, and you know, in this particular aspect, Google pixel Chromebook is no less than others. It comes with a 7th generation Intel core i7 processor, which offers fast browsing, multi-tasking, and entertainment.

Instead of 8 GB, it gives 16 GB of RAM that allows you to open a lot of browsers at a time and several applications. Furthermore, 512GB of internal storage is enough to store a lot of data of any type without any hassle. So, overall its performance is a great benefit over other bulky laptops that have less performance and storage. 


Another great one is its flexibility to change into different formats. Instead of those who like traditional styles, the one who wants tablets or tents doesn’t need to buy a separate one for entertainment. Google Pixel Chromebook with a large screen has a sturdy 360° hinge that makes it flexible to adjust and convert into 3 more designs seamlessly. So, convert it to tablet, tent, and entertainment modes quickly without any hassle.

Automatically update

Keeping your laptop up-to-date is a tough grind. But you will not experience this hustle with Google Pixel Chromebook as its Chrome OS is not nearly as complex as Windows. Your ready-to-go Chromebook gives several automatic operational benefits.

All updates like the Operating system, app, and security updates automatically take place in the background without asking and interruption.

  •   No further scheduling operating and security updates.
  •   No waiting while updates finish
  •   No other driver updates.

Whenever your laptop gets a connection from Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it automatically checks and downloads updates.

Buddy of Google

The fourth benefit is the smooth running of both Chrome and Android apps on Google Pixel Chromebook. It is a great buddy of Google. All people who excessively use Microsoft Office are in greater comfort while using it.

Google Assistant

The addition of a built-in Google assistant is a great benefit you will get after buying Google Pixel Chromebook. This assistant is always at your service, managing your day and night. Whatever your question, it will quickly answer you. You can easily access it by talking, typing, or even using your Pixelbook pen.

Pixelbook pen

Do you know what a google pixelbook pen is? This pen is Google’s outstanding initiative that is more helpful, innovative, and responsive. As I said before, this Chromebook has a built-in Google assistant, and this pen is a great benefit, a cherry on a cake. It doesn’t need too many instructions; just making your mark, circle a word or picture with this pen is enough to instruct your assistant. This pen gives you a significant benefit in writing, drawing on a tablet (Chromebook), and designing.


In terms of its design, it has a slim and sleek body. Some say that thin laptops are not as good as traditional ones. But google pixel Chromebook is good at both ends; it is light but with great features and performance. Using this less clutter, more clarity Chromebook makes your experience hassle-free. Being lightweight, it is easy to take this Chromebook away anywhere. Google Pixel Chromebook considerably benefits those who travel a lot either by choice or living far away from their offices or schools.


The battery is another one of the great benefits you will enjoy while using the Google Pixel Chromebook. It gives you 10 hours of extended battery life, is perfect to use with ease, and is a plus point for using this Chromebook as a travel-friendly laptop.  

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