Grey and Daivari to slug it out on must-see edition of 205 Live


205 Live will be the meeting point between August Gray and Aria Daivari, as well as a thrilling team fight in which Mansour and Kurt Stallion face off against the Bollywood boys.

Gray and Daivari have been battling each other in one of the purple brand’s fastest growing rivalries in recent weeks, and they will finally face off tonight. Daivari made no secret of his contempt for all 205 Live newcomers, but Gray in particular sparked the ire of the Persian Prince, especially after The Life of The Party dared to steal his gold chains.

When Jake Atlas and Tony Nese are eliminated from the ring, what will happen in a real one-on-one match?

205 Live

And after destroying a home in a singles duel that Mansour won by a small margin last week, Mansour and Stallion will return to celebrate the team competition and play pairs to fight The Bollywood Boyz, but there seems to be some friction between the partners.

In yet another tense encounter, Stallion speculated that he would be the one to score the winning fall today and extend Mansour’s 41-game winning streak, while Mansour brushed off his partner’s comments, telling him that he would only join him if if he deems it necessary.

Can Mansour and Stallion stay on the same page and beat the Bollywood boys?

Check out another exciting 205 Live set to air tonight at 10/9 C on the award-winning WWE Network!


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