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“He really understands the art” – Dean Malenko compares Rey Fenix to WWE legend



AEW producer and coach Dean Malenko recently revealed his thoughts on the current AEW star Rey Fenix.

The Death Triangle member has grown steadily in his company since wrestling in a great all-time match against AEW champion Kenny Omega in the January 6 episode of Dynamite.

Appears on the latest part Talk is Jericho podcast, Dean Malenko said he was impressed with Rey Fenix ​​because he has improved his jumps since he debuted to promote Tony Khan. Malenko especially praised Fenix’s understanding of the art of selling.

“He really understands the art of selling and letting things digest in an audience. When he first came here, he was everywhere. Slowly but surely, he’s starting to realize that.”

If this wasn’t enough, Malenko compared Rey Fenix ​​to current WWE Superstar and Lucha Libre legend Rey Mystery. He said Fenix ​​possesses the rare gift of earning sympathy through body language, just like Mysterio.

“Every week when I watch him, I’m just amazed more than I’ve seen him in the previous week. And he, like Rey, has a rare gift of body movement and body language that meets the sympathy of the audience.”

What’s next for Rey Fenix ​​at AEW?

Rey Fenix ​​recently teamed up with PAC, and the two are ready to confirm their dominance in AEW’s title team image. They won the Casino Battle Royal at AEW: Revolution 2021, and are now guaranteed a goal at the Young Bucks AEW Team Championship.

Given how popular they are, it would come as no surprise if Rey Fenix ​​and PAC defeat The Young Bucks and become the new champions.

But before they get a chance at the title, Death Triangle will face Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler on AEW’s first home show, The house always wins.

What do you think of Rey Fenix ​​and his series of recent appearances at AEW? Do you think he will soon be switched to gold team gold with PAC? The sound is muted at the bottom of the comment.

Posted March 30, 2021, 6:00 AM IST



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